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  1. He who dares wins!!!! Good luck John Couldnt let me know where you found the OFT summary(clause 4.21) Thanks dmb
  2. Terrible isnt it yep I did include a covering letter telling the guy what had happened
  3. Hi PP Barclays did get a letter pointing out the mistake - no response yet though. I was wondering how often this happened, they must be busy!!!!!!!!
  4. Received an offer yesterday of £1710.00 on a claim (for £2360 plus interest and costs) that was served on the 6th May. Rejection letter in post tomorow! Also, received somebody elses 6years worth of statements in post!!! Have forwarded them on to rightful owner but wondered how common this was - Data Protection indeed!!!!!!!!! Keep the faith
  5. Gave up trying to get poc onto MCOL form(24 lines). Downloaded N1 form and filled that out instead! Ended up with a v.professional looking claim - it was a pleasure to hand it over!!!! Paid fee so now I`m waiting again - prob the worst bit! Keep you updated lol
  6. p.s. We were ok on characters just had 1 line to many! Typings coming on though!!!
  7. Cheers guys its good to know that help is there! It can obviously be done as thousands have already done so. Back to the keyboard. I'll let you know what happens.
  8. Thanks, I will try again tomorrow one way or another
  9. :-? Just spent hours playing with my MCOL template and the particulars of the claim do not fit in the 24 lines allowed. I note that lots of people use this method - does this mean that you miss some of the particulars out? or are they not claiming interest for example?? - as surely the banks can use missed details as part of their defence. Any thoughts welcome. I think I will play it safe and obtain a N1 form from the Courts.
  10. I've just figured out how to post messages, not very ofay with computers!! :-? I can tell you that I wrote to Barclays on the 14th February and received by statements from them on the 21st March together with my cheque back! I have now sent them a preliminary letter dated 26th March for fees totalling £2,360.00. I will let you know what they say. dmb
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