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  1. I didnt think they were allowd to so should be interesting, I will send off a SAR to Halifax next week and see whats happens. As for how I know its £400 more, I have kept a full record of payments to payplan and their payments to BOS, I also had the balance confirmed about 2 years back during a telephone call, again I have note of this. So I should be able to prove all my payments to them over the years. I dont want to do this however untill i see what info they held on me. I have 2 other accounts with BOS and they are all spot on. I have checked all my PPI stuff and never had it and I also CCA'd all my creditors a few years back ang got 2 off my back but the others all came through with the agreements. On a lighter note im only 2 months away from being debt free I have been with payplen since Sept 2007 and im down to about £800 from an inital balance of £54,000 so if people are thinking to themselves I will never get out of this just stick at it !!!! it will happen. Payplan have been very good with very little problems along the way. So this Robinson way is more an inconvienence than anything else but I just want it all cleared to start repairing my credit file.
  2. Hi Just need a bit of advice, I have a debt (originaly IF) that I was payin through Blair Oliver Scott. I have been paying for around 5 years through Payplan, on some of their letters at the start of the year I noticed they had my balance around £400 more than mine and this was the figure payplan were using. they said the had to go by what Blair Oliver was telling them. Anyway acording to my figures im all clear, I sent Blair Oliver a letter saying Account in Dispute and asking for a statement as the figures dont match up. This was May of this year, and I heard nothing at all, not even chasing letters due to the payments stoping. Today I got a letter from Halifax saying Robinson Way are now going to be dealing with it, so I will be expecting a few letters from them shortly. So I just need to know what should I do from here, contact Halifax again or wait and contact Robinson Way? I had always thought your account couldnt be passed on when it was in dispute? Hope someone can help.
  3. Intelegant Finance, I get statements from IF and there balance is much bigger cos of interest, but the last year or so has all correct payments but all my dealing for the last 4 years have been through Blair Oliver Scott (I know theye are bothe the same people) who have also confirmed interest is frozen, something that I was told at the very start. The reason I want it sorted now is that im very near the deby free stage, and want to know exactky what the balances are.
  4. Hi Just a quick question, what is the best way to get a statement of all payments made to Blair Oliver Scott? Im currently with payplan and have 3 accounts with BOS 2 are fine but one is around £400 more than it should be. Payplan said they can ask for a balance (just been confirmed at the higher amount), however they say they cant request a statement from them and I would have to do it. So what would be the best way just send a letter asking or SAR etc etc. Thanks Chris
  5. Hi, Its NCO/RMA, I will see if I can call the post office number and see if they can tell me anything tomorrow.
  6. I sent CCA's to all my creditors last year, a few got back but 1 never, over the last month I started getting calls from them so i sent the "Failiure to provide copy in timescale" letter. They have just gotten back and said they never received the original request and to send it again woth the £1 payment. I have a copy of the CCA Requet, the recorded delivery slip (showes that it was delivered) and the recept for a postal order. What should I do next? is there anyway to see if the postal order was cashes?
  7. I went to the FOS as I thought it would be the easier option , the main reason were saying its missold was that she didnt even know that she had PPI untill we looked at the paperwork and saw that it had been added over 3 years later. During this telephone call where they changed the figures and added the PPI it wasnt even mentioned and if it had been she would have turned it down.
  8. The reason for asking was to get the call have a look at my other thread where the FOS have turned me down http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/134600-ppi-claim-egg-rejected.html the telephone call would prove that it was missold
  9. Just wondering would this include recording of telephone calls, Egg are saying they cant find mine.
  10. Ok I contacted EGG about PPI added to a loan that was taken out a few years ago. It was my mother in law who took it out, we applied online and certinatly didnt take PPI, a few days later they called back and told her a few things had canged but that they would give it to her, it was very slightly more that what was stated online. 1 month before the loan was due to end i looked at the paperwork and noticed that they had made the loan over 3 1/2 years instead of the 3 that she asked for. In closer inspection i noticed that the PPI had been added. This was never mentioned on the call with her and it was the first that she heard of it. The agreement that she signed does have information on it but was never noticed I sent EGG a letter asking for it back, it went through there normal process of saying that they where trying to find this telephone call, however in the end they said they couldnt find it but turned it down anyway. I sent my complaint to FOS at the end of last year and just had this reply. http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg284/gibbyni/img014.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg284/gibbyni/img015.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg284/gibbyni/img016.jpg Is there any way I can appeal it, I know for certin that she never asked for it, and think its handy that they couldnt find the telephone call even though they have found other peoples who have been trying to get PPI back. Whats my next step or is it dead in the water???
  11. From what i remember, it was nearly 12 years ago, it was one of the application forms picked up in branch so would doubt that the other side had info about credit limit etc, although might have apr on it.
  12. I have just received another CCA from BOS, its for a Halifax Credic Card. From what I can work out its not enforceable. * No interest Rate * No credit Limit * Was the Original Application Form Can someone have a look to see if im right. http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg284/gibbyni/img013.jpg Thanks
  13. so you think wait for the 12+2+30 and see what happens from there. Im just a little to eager to get them paid off. Also update from BOS, letter received for the one they provided the CCA for that im not to sure if its enforcable offering 75% for FFS, still far to much for my likeing. Blair Oliver Scott - 3 Different Debts CCA request sent for all 3 of them (3 different letters) They received all on the 22/2/08 Debt 1 "IF": CCA received 14/3/08 not to sure if enforcable: Offer of 75% for FFS received 10/03/2008 Debt 2: Debt 3: Lowell - CCA sent and they received on the 21/2/08, Offer of 40% FFS received on the 7/3/08 NCO - CCA sent and they received on the 21/2/08 I will keep the thread updated with any letters.
  14. Just wanting to bump this up to see if anyone can help
  15. we got loads of these off halifax dont worry no one ever turned up
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