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  1. Hi Rooster, How do I post a question regarding a MBNA card that is now with DCL? I have some payments in the past - but I want to now ask for a Subject Access Report. DCL have been calling me lately and wnat me to start making payments again. Thanks. Mike
  2. Cheers guys, So is a SAR A waste of time to these guys, how about just a letter asking for a copy of the Credit agreement?
  3. Thanks Scott, I was going around and around in cricles this is going out to Hamptons Legal on behalf of a Capital One credit card Mike
  4. Please can anyone tell me where the SAR template letter is? I tried looking at the templates but could only see letter N which is the CCA letter.
  5. Great Thanks guys. I might go for the SAR letter as that seems to make things more difficult for them. I am in desperate position so may need some "counselling". Best, Mike
  6. Please could you let me know where I can find templates for; 1. CCA letter and; 2. SAR letter? Please could you let me know what the differences are for each of these letters. Thank you.
  7. Thanks - please remind me - how do I start a new thread?
  8. Thanks Fuzzybobble, I actually asked for and got repayments from MBNA for illegal charges in Sept 07 Anyway, I'll start my own thread and go from there. Mike
  9. How long does the Subje4ct Access Report request "hold things off" for? I owe MBNA £6300 and have been receiving letters from 1st Credit/ Connaught. I asked for a copy of the contract as per the Consumer Credit Contracts Act and received a photocopy of the application form. I have now received a letter from Judge and Priestly Solicitors who look like a pretty serious outfit. Everything is in my wife's name - house, mortgage etc. I own nothing and earn £1000.00 a month. Any replies gratefully accepted. Thanks Mike
  10. Hi Hollywood, Thanks for replying. Looks as tho your reply was cut short. What were you going to say?
  11. Hi there, Can anyone point me in the right direction? I owe about £65,000 in unsecured debt. I have one CCJ (to Barclays) for £11,000.00. I'm 6 months in arrears with this but have started payments again after having received a Notice of Attachment of Earnings ranings from the Court which I completed and returned with an offer to continuing the payments. I am self employed and earn about £1000 per month after being unemployed since July 2006. Anyway, I have seen those ads that say your credit agreement may be unenforceable - as I understand it - it is something to do with clauses in the agreement that relate to insurance - is there anyway I can go after my creditors based on this - or should I just declare myself bankrupt? Thanks for taking the time to read this and for any replies you might send. Mike
  12. Guys, Thanks for these posts. I will look at the FAQs and threads and do it myself. Cheers. Mike
  13. Has anyone seen ads in the back of the free London newspapers advertising Loan Free - [EDIT] they reckon they can have your credit cards and loans wiped off - anyone know anything about them? Thanks. Mike
  14. Fantastic! Thanks very much guys. I'll get on to MBNA now - didn't want to go down the wrong path. If you are ever in London Bridge - give me a call - I owe you guys a pint. Mike
  15. My credit card debt is now with a debt collecting agency. Do I chase them or MBNA for the charges that were placed on my account? Thanks in advance for helping.
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