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  1. I've looked at the online court forms, the N244 doesnt seem to be right for this. Also becuase the bank did not defend the claim they just requested a stay instead, I dont think I can use the AQ. Do I need a court form at all? Can I just put it i a letter? I have to do this today otherwise the claim will be struck out tomorrow. Anyone able to offer any help?
  2. Thank you so much for that Enron, I know I have left this really late, I would buy the smalls claims reclaim pack adveritsed on here to help me with this, but it would arrive too late as I have to get this in by 4pm on Thursday. So was wondering if anyoen coudl answer these questiosn to assit me. Does the Draft Order need to be on specific claim form? i have looked at the claim forms on the court website and cannot see which to use. Can i just write a letter with the information that Enron has provided above? Will it cost? Can I post it or do I have to take it in person? All hints, tips and friendly words appreciated. Feel really foolish for leaving this to the last minute Roobierooster
  3. Hi, I really needs ome quite urgent help Last August District Judge Flanagan (Leeds County Court) stayed our claim against RBS for unfair bank charges, pending the outcome of the test case. part 2 of the order is 2. If no part shall file at the court office by 4.00 pm on the 7 August 2008 a written request for directions and/or a hearing date the claim shall be struck out without further order on that date. I'm not sure what I should do. What does it mean request for directions? Is there any point askign for a hearing date? When it says file at the court office does it mean goign in or can we just send it by post? The letter we had from RBS solicitors, Cobbetts, did say they would not see claimants disadvanted by stayed claims. this sort of makes me think that they woudl agree torefund the £120 court costs if the OFT ruled charges unfair. So we woudln't lose outon that. Am I being very naive? Does anyone have any advice for me or any suggestions of which threads to read? Thank you Roobieroo
  4. Hi Scotty I pondered on this when I started as well , I came on here and found this address: Royal Bank of Scotland RBS Litigation 1 Princess Street London EC2R 8PB. My branch in in Scotland but I live in england so I think I was allowed to claim under english rules but that is just an assumption I'm making mind!
  5. Hi everyone, I have made a claim against RBOS through MCOL after they ignored 3 letters. The claim is for £1153 charges plus £435.69 interest. It was issued on 22 June, they have a filed an acknowledgement of the claim yesterday. On the information on the MCOL it says they have 28 days from the date of service to reply. Please would some kind soul be able to answer 1) does that mean 28 days from the 22 June or 28 days from yesterday? 2) confirm whether I need to just sit tight and wait to get something to arrive in the post- either from RBOS or their solicitors? from what i can gather from readin ght eother forums this can really vary from offers or just requests for info. Should i be preparing my court bundle now? Thank you for any help Kathryn
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