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  1. Had an automated call from Blair Oliver yesterday... Female Computer voice: "This is an urgent call from BO for Miss XXXXX if you are Miss XXXXX please press 1 on your keypad, if not please press 2." Me being annoyed: "I don't have a keypad, my phone is from 1940 so it only has a dial!" FCV: "I'm sorry I didn't understand what you said" Me playing along: "I'll explain again, have you seen the old movies where the phone rings and it's a big black thing with a dial on the front? Well that's what mine looks like." FCV: "I'm sorry I still don't understand so am going to have to terminate this call, goodbye" I didn't know old phones were so hard to understand!
  2. Hi Lexis, seems I'm in the same position as you although the layouts of our Application Forms are slightly different (mine has what I think are the prescribed terms on the back, they are too badly copied to read though). I've been wondering about the Condition 11 situation and also my form has their usual signature but no date. Get the feeling that we are never going to have a definate answer to these questions even if they do end up in Court as each Judge seems to have their own opinion!
  3. I feel like I've been told off by him like a naughty child!
  4. First step, log into (or sign upto) their online system. There you can change the telephone numbers they hold for you. If it won't accept you not giving them a number tell them one for the local cemetary or something equally silly (I've changed mine to one of a fax machine!). You can also send them the letter (lots of tempates available) telling them to keep everything in writing but we know they don't tend to take much notice of those. Next step would be to send of a CCA request to make sure they have all their paperwork straight. You can also then go on to claiming back charges, etc. Above all keep smiling!
  5. I'd wait for Equidebt to get in contact then hit them with a CCA request.
  6. Good for you, keep them on their toes and make sure you let us know how you get on!
  7. I'd send the definition of a tracheostomy along with some nice gory medical pictures of one being performed. Then write in big letters across the bottom "This is why I can't speak on the phone!". Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery so you can carry on labasting them!
  8. I'd be inclined to write back to MBNA pointing this out while at the same time forwarding the letter and covering note to the other customer so that they too can have a go at MBNA. It does show just how many of these CCA requests they are having to deal with at the moment, which must be messing with their systems!
  9. With MBNA it will never be a frowny face, more like a pink pig or postcard showing sunflowers!
  10. Do 1471, if the number is recorded call them back and keep asking! Well done for answering, I bet you feel better now!
  11. If posted today then you can assume it's delivered on Wednesday they have 12 working days in which to produce the properly executed agreement. After that if they haven't sent it then you don't have to pay them as the account will be in dispute.
  12. "Won't". Two of them have said something along the lines of "We won't take you to court but we will sell the debt on". But then they have also claimed that they can get a charging order using "litigation" so I don't think they really know what they are talking about!
  13. So far I've had two of their call centre apes telling me they won't take me to court, perhaps they don't understand the procedures like people here do.
  14. Pathetic yes but quite pretty! I've got one too, if it hadn't come from those people I would have hung it on my noticeboard!
  15. Had another call from them today and suceeded in getting the woman so annoyed that she slammed the phone down on me! She confirmed yet again that they would never take me to court then started threatening me with debt collectors, charging orders, terrible things on my credit file, never getting another job, bad hair days, plagues of frogs, etc. One quote from her was "you think you know so much about your rights but you're wrong!" No dear, I think you're the one in the wrong! A plus that I do have now is their fax number (she wanted me to re-send the "do not call me" letter) it's 01244 673091 if anyone wants to use it.
  16. One thing the copy they send you has to be is legible (be able to read it easily) and if that is as good as the one you have then I'd say it isn't. They also have to include the terms & conditions from when the agreement was taken out, not a later version which is what MBNA usually do.
  17. You don't have to wait for 30 days now, they are already in default after 12. If they haven't provided you with a valid agreement via your CCA request then I'd be inclined to stop paying them. That always focusses their attention! If you do wish to carry on paying then send what you can afford, they cannot get more out of you if you don't have it!
  18. MBNA phoned and sent me three seperate letters yesterday, including one in which they claim they've been told I've gone away. If they carry on doing that they'll wish that I had!
  19. What surprises me is just how many Heads of Customer Assistance they have. They can't all be on a jobshare, if they were they'd be doing about 2 hours a day each!
  20. Got home to find they'd sent me 3 letters, all dated the same day, one in a nice green envelope which makes a change. In one letter they claim that they've been notified that I've moved address, obviously another ploy to get me to phone up and say "Oh no I haven't", they really do think we are stupid. Had to laugh as two of the letters were signed by Martin Supple as Head of Customer Assistance and one by Matthew McGrath as Head of Customer Assistance - are they on a jobshare scheme??
  21. As with many people MBNA have failed to provide me with the right stuff under a CCA request, they sent the usual copy of the application form from 2002 and current terms & conditons. I wrote back telling them to get it right which is I assume why I got a call from them today. For a start I wasn't impressed as it was on my work number. The minute I knew it was a lady from there I admit I saw red. I pointed out that I had requested everything to be via writing and got the usual "We are a phone bank only" response. Parried with the "I'm a letter only person" (thanks whomever came up with that one! ) which seemed to annoy her further. Next salvo was that the account was in dispute as they hadn't fulfilled the CCA request to which she replied "we have provided you with all we need to" when pressured if that is the documentation they would rely on in court she told me that they wouldn't take me to court but it would go to "litigation" and they would get a charging order on my house. She didn't sound impressed when I pointed out that in this country litigation means going to court and she'd have to do that to get any kind of order. In fact she was so unimpressed she put the phone down. I feel another letter to MBNA coming on, pointing out the error of their ways. At least I know where I stand now, just need to get it in writing from them. Will also get a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) started to annoy them further. Thanks to all on this site who have given me the confidence to fight back!
  22. I've had phone calls from credit card companies chasing payment on a Sunday (10am - they woke me up!) so it seem there is one rule for them and one for everyone else.
  23. I've spent ages reading through this thread and laughing at most of it. My mind is full of bumble bees, having received a nice postcard from MBNA with sunflowers on it yesterday the two are now linked in my brain!
  24. What a strange letter! I particularly like the bit asking you to "telephone the writer" I suppose you could class it as a work of fiction!
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