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  1. I have owed council tax for a while now and have been paying it off with the baliffs, and up until yesterday I owed £145.17 yesterday a baliff arrived at my door, with a letter stating I now owe £345.17 They had added £200 on for delivering a letter to me. I asked what it was for they ignored me. so I sent an email to the council stating what they had done, they told me to pay the amount owed along with the baliff fee. I emailed the baliff to ask them to give me a breakdown of the fees, I heard nothing, just that the fee was justified. Today i paid the £145.17 to the online payment system at the council, then emailed them to tell them I had done so and what it was for. then I recieved an email from the baliff saying as a good will gesture they would waive the £200 baliff fee if I paid by 9am tomorrow morning at the office. i emailed them to say i already paid direct to the council along with the reciept, now they are saying they want the £200 paid in 2 days or else they will come and take goods. can they take goods or even come in when the outstanding amount on the walk in poccession order is fully paid up now. as this new charge was not included, this was for him coming yesterday. please help me. I will fight this but need help and to know if they can come in.
  2. hiya no they wont owe you anymore on the old claim, the £47 they made will be what they have given you and you should get money from your new claim, every 4 weeks, but dont quote me on this,
  3. I needed a business account early last year, and had only been with abbey 2 months with my personal account, I called them and they set one up straight away, as long as you dont want an overdraft or loans they are happy to open a business account for you. yes they do a credit score but mine is really bad and I was excpecting a no, and was relieved to hear them say yes, and she said it was because i didnt want overdraft or loans. hope this helps
  4. hiya I was havng the same thing with RMA, barclays kept adding charges onto an account i no longer use and it escalated to over £660, I wrote to them and said i am not paying as these are charges you have added and they sent to RMA, who contastantly called etc, in the end id had enough, i sent them an email stating the account with barclays was in dispute and i recieved an email back saying they were really sorry and they have now passed back to barclays, I havent heard from them for months now. just send them a letter stating account in dispute and they will leave you alone and then you can deal with barclays. hope this helps hun
  5. Bank of America customers will soon be unable to spend more than they have in the accounts linked to their debit cards. It's a step that may become a common move ahead of new regulations limiting overdraft fees. BREAKING NEWS Ukraine angers Russia with its intention to join NATO Red Carpet of the Oscars 2010 More... Rules set by the Federal Reserve that will ban banks from charging such fees, without first getting permission from the customer, are set to take effect July 1. But Bank of America is going a step further than the regulations require. It will simply no longer allow debit card purchases to go through if there isn't enough money in the account,The Associated Press*reports. The Federal Reserve recently announced new requirements that are slated to go into effect in July. But the Charlotte, N.C.-based lender's move goes one step further. The Fed's new rules will prevent banks from automatically enrolling customers in overdraft protection programs, which charge fees when consumers spend more than they have in their accounts. More than 75% of banks automatically sign customers up for overdraft programs, according to a study by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. With the bank's new policy, BofA (BAC, Fortune 500) debit card purchases that would push checking account balances into the red will be declined for new customers beginning in June, and for existing customers starting in early August,*CNNMoney*reports. According to*Credit Union Times, the bank said it was reversing its previous policy "to provide more control, choice and clarity for its customers," adding that "this change will help customers by reducing the likelihood they may inadvertently overdraw their account and thus eliminate unexpected overdraft fees on these transactions." Customers who choose to can link their accounts to an overdraft protection account which would allow them to continue to overdraft their debit cards when they need to, the bank explained. "Our customers have been clear that they want to know if a purchase is going to overdraw their account," said Susan Faulkner, deposits and card product executive. "Our solution is simple, clear and helps customers control their finances by reducing the possibility of over-extending themselves at the point of sale with a debit card."
  6. we are in hardship as I am the only person working in the household, hubby lost his job 2 years ago and still unable to find work, we do not recieve benefits as we were told i earn too much, altho how they can say £20.000 is too much i will never know, we have 3 children, my son who is 19 does not work or recieve benefits, but still lives at home, as i am supporting him and we have a 14 year old and 3 year old. we have to pay all our own rent and council tax etc. so we really could do with the money. if i was to do this on my own how would i prove the bank treated my account and then my hubbys account unfairly.
  7. send them a prove it letter, im sure that if you still owe it would show on your credit score, and if not and you admit the debt then they will soon put it back on there. im sure someone will come along and give you some helpful advice.
  8. hiya my daughter is doing her work experience too, but the school informs the pupils at the start of the school year, so it could be your son knew about it but forgot to mention it to you. schools do have a habit of springing trips etc on us at the last min and expect us to fork out, and if we dont the child looses out on a trip because of it, so we damned if we do and damned if we dont. hope you get it sorted hun. amanda
  9. Hi I would like to claim back all my bank charges from barclays, and i would like to help my hubby claim his. my claim, they caused me to go into overdraw by adding charges each week or month and now they are out of control, they have passed to a dca and I have told them the account is in dispute, and they have stopped all communication, barclays sent me a letter yesterday with the usual crap saying that as they won the case blah blah they will not be dealing with my complaint and i have 8 weeks to respond. so far I have only asked them for the statements, which have recieved for both mine and my hubby, but what do I need to do now. Please help.
  10. well its been a while, most are ok and set up payment plans but wonga omg they are so unhelpful, they would send me an email stating pay up and i would respond with the same as always would like to set up payment plan, they would reply saying i have to call collections as they do not have email. its been like this for months, today i recieved this email Demand for Payment Take Notice: Amount You Owe £592.00. Date You Must Pay by: 12 pm on 07 Jan 2010 We have been instructed by Wonga to recover from you, a debt of £592.00. Our clients have advised us that despite several attempts to secure payment of the above noted debt, you have failed to make good on your contractual obligations. Your protracted failure to pay this debt has led to the addition of a default fee of £50. Continued late payment may cost you even more, so it remains in your interest to deal with this matter today. Contractual interest continues to accrue on this debt and every day that you delay will result in you paying more than you need to. Our job is to help you deal with this problem, or in the event that you fail to deal with this serious matter, to ensure that this debt is recovered by taking legal action against you or to collect it by any other lawful means. Take our help and call us today. Our number is 0844 842 9110 Act Now: Contact us immediately to arrange repayment of £592.00. You can make your payemnt by debit or credit card. Remember: Late Payment Costs More. Talk to us and we can help. Yours sincerley, Barker and Lowe so I responded with this Thank you for your email. I have made several attempts to wonga to set up a repayment plan for the outstanding amount, but to no avail, i have copies of all emails I have sent as proof. i will not be paying the amount you state I owe, i will be paying the amount of £205.50 which is the original loan amount with the interest. and that is all. If this is not accpetable then please take me to court, so you and wonga can explain the outrageous charges you have added on top. I am willing to set up a repayment plan with you for the amount of £205.50 to be paid by standing order only, at the rate of £10 a month until i am in a better financial situation. please communicate in email only as I will not be taking calls. do you think thats ok, i feel really bad now but i dont have a pot to p in at the mo and just cannot afford to pay all up front and omg the interest they have added. grrrrrrrr
  11. If you can pay it and it doesnt leave you short then thats great, but if you think that you will need to re loan then just default, cancel your card, change bank , also send letter to your bak stating that under no circumstances are these ppl to take any money from your account. make sure no money in that account so they cant take it, send them an email ( do not call) saying that you cannot afford to pay it back and could you set up a repayment, dont call them and dont take their calls, they are rude and bullies. read all the advice on here, these guys are great and have really helped me.
  12. ignore all the calls, it will eventually be passed on, i am going thru the same things at the moment and so are hundreds of others your not alone hunnie, just keep making sure they dont reset up the direct debit, change your number on the website give a fake one, it might hold them off for a while, but do not speak to them. everyone on here is very helpful, i couldnt of done it without their help and we will all help you. keep going hunnie your doing well so far.
  13. hi they sent me a pdf so i cannot copy it, if you send me ur email i can then forward it to you
  14. its for council tax, they wrote down on the first wpo as hubby let him in, 2x 2 seater sofa;s sky box, dvd player, sterio separates system. this was all paid off and then another arrived to which my hubby signed new wpo but not in the house, he piad him some money and the guy was sat in his car and thats where hubby signed this. he just wrote everything down from the last wpo. what i would like to know is can they still charge £200 for enforcement or levy goods even tho they didnt. i am confused with all of this stuff. also charged me £80 for OOA? they say its an admin charge, admin charge for what. i think they are really taking the p***.
  15. if that debt is older than 6 years look into it without calling them as i have heard that debts older than 6 years they cannot do anything about, so do not contact them until you have confirmation of this
  16. hi yes i did to both, still no joy with the bank and harrasement still from RMA
  17. I used to bank with woolwich, then barclays took over in 2006, in jan this year i went slightly overdrawn £100, i then changed bank accounts and forgot to pay barclays the overdraw back, since then they have been adding charges on top, they have closed my account and now say i owe them £662.63. they sent me a letter stating that they will not speak to me and now RMA are on my case. I have complained to the OFT regarding this as the amount has gone up due to charges, and i sent RMA an email stating that this account was in duspute. I sent barclays a letter stating i wanted bank statements and that was 60 days ago, i have heard nothing ecept harrasment from RMA with calling cards and telephone calls. and NCO with the same. I have had barclays putting bank charges on my account since 2006 when they took over for just going overdrwan now and again so i know they owe me at least £1500, what do i do, I never banked with them in the first place, as i was with woolwich. please help
  18. hiya thanks for your help I have all the statements sent to me by email today i can pm you so u can see them all but dont want to post on here they say OOa is an administration fee, and yes the debt was paid.
  19. i have just recieved an email from the baliffs saying for full screenshots of all ac****s they request a payment of £10 each case + vat due to data protection act. she said i had 2 attendances at two different dates this is why i have been charged £200 each time, by law baliff can charge attendance/van each time he levy on goods and the OOA fee is an administration fee. i dont understand, each time he came it was just him in his car no van. can someone please help me understand all this.
  20. Hi I have had 2 walking poccession orders 1 i have paid off and another started this week. I have noted on the sheet they gave me it says Amount for which distress - £928.33 cost of first visit cost of 2nd visit levy fee - £52.00 walking possession fee - £12 Enforcement fee - £200 whats an enforcement fee also i emailed them and asked them to send me statements which they did by email and i noticed and OOA fee for £80? have no idea what an OOA is either i have emailed the baliff and asked for scrren shots for all past and present accounts.
  21. oh, so i do not have to pay it, how can i tell them, im a sorry i am new to all this and have no idea how to go about sorting this.
  22. thanks can i email them and ask for these. Actual amount £ - 928.33 Levy Fee £52 walking pocessions fee £12 enforcement fee £200 what is an enforement fee as they did this last time.
  23. I had a wp earlier in the year for council tax i finished paying that off and the baliff arrived again wanting money for another council tax bill, different ref number, my husband didnt let him in but paid him £500 at his car and the baliff then got him to sign another wp with the same goods as the last one, are they allowed to do this and if not how do i go about complaining.
  24. this is from the Directgov website. What bailiffs can and can't do If County Court bailiffs come to your home, you don't have to let them in. They can't force their way in on their first visit, but they can enter through an open window, or an unlocked door. Forced entry includes pushing past you once you have opened the door to them or leaving their foot in the door to prevent you closing it. Such action would make the whole process illegal. Bailiffs trying to recover money you owe to HMRC are allowed to break into your home, providing they have a magistrates' warrant. Bailiffs recovering unpaid magistrates' court fines, however, do have the power to force entry. Negotiating with bailiffs You may negotiate with bailiffs to pay some or all of the debt there and then, so they leave without taking anything. If they accept any payment from you, you'll need to make sure you get a receipt. Bailiffs may be willing to take part in a reasonable negotiation (subject to legal and contractual constraints) - only make an agreement if you can afford to stick to it. It's likely that the bailiff's fee and expenses for each extra visit will be added to the debt you owe - you may ask for details of these at any time, and fees can be disputed. If you have questions about a bailiff's fees and expenses it's best to get advice - see 'Where to get help and advice' below. What can a bailiff take? Bailiffs can't take essentials such as clothing, bedding, cookers, fridges, most furniture and the 'tools of your trade' (for example, a computer you use for work). They can take non-essential items such as your television. They can take possessions outside your home (for example, your car or garden equipment), or in unlocked sheds and garages.
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