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  1. go for it Ugly, when i told the court about the letter Barclays sent mr regarding not paying because of the test case they wanted me to send a copy to them. when i told Barclays they apologised and said to fax a copy of the judgement and they will pay me straight away. still no money (been told i refused the full offer !!!!!!!!!!!!) amongst other things (i don`t feel they know what`s going on, too many indians and not enough chiefs ! the baillifs are coming..........
  2. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh phoned court and they have sent me forms for bailiffs barclaycard just phoned up and told me i owe them £72 will i make a payment ? i said not until they pay the £4000 they owe me from the 9th of August ( i also said i was calling in the bailiffs) his curt reply was that if i don`t pay then to expect someone on my doorstep on Thursday !!!!!!!!! suffice to say i went beserk down the phone at him and hung up. should i not pay it until they pay me my money ? or am i being petty ?
  3. Barclay's still not paid up !!!! Spoke to court and they will send me info regarding bailiffs
  4. cheers,soon as i get the cash,i will wing some over
  5. I have won, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, after 6 months the bank failed to submit. Phoned court today,just waiting for the piece of paper from court to confirm. I would like to thank everybody ,could not do it without you. Donation coming soon as i get my hands on the money. One last thing i have to redo all the interest on all the charges So my final "bill" so to speak should consist of bank charges inc interest amd the £100 from MCOL is there anything else to add ? Thanks will let you know in a couple of weeks
  6. Thanks i have e mailed Dino, i know the solicitor is Adrian St John though, i have lost the paperwork which has my revised charges on it (interest etc) which is a pain cos i don`t remember how much i am claiming for !!!! Not good but hoping my friend has it on his computer as i can`t find it anywhere, anyway cheers i will let you know how i get on
  7. Cheers you have made my day (as well as the judge) don`t want to blow it now, got my bundle ready so just wait for court date now then ? . Not sure if i should send a nudge letter or wait ? cheers mate
  8. Hi folks just recieved this from Guidford County Court DIRECTIONS 1 the claim is allocated in the small claims track 2 the hearing will take place at a time and place and date which will be notified to the parties 3 the defendant shall not later than 4pm on 16 July serve on the claimant and lodge at court a document answering the following questions (a) is the case intended to be defended to and at trial ? (b) does the defendant intend to apply to adduce expert evidence ? 4 if the defendant fails to lodge at court a document in accordance with paragraph 3 above the defence shall stand struck out and judgement be entered for ythe claimant for the amount claimed and costs comprising the issue fee and any allocation fee paid 5 each party shall serve on the other the witness statements of all witnesses (other than expert witnesses on whom they intend to rely 6 no party may adduce expert evidence unless an application for permission to adduce such evidence has been made and granted 7 no party may rely on the evidence of any witness whose statement has not been served in accordance with this order without further permission from the court 8 no more than seven nor less than three clear workind days before the trial date the claimant shall file at court an indexed and paginated bundle of documents which complies with the requirements of rule 39.5 of the civil procedure rules and the practice thereto,and shall serve a copy of it on the defendant.The claimant shall endeavour to agree the contents of the bundle with the defendant before it is filed.If the claimant fails to file a trial bundle in accordance with this direction the claim shall be struck out and the actions dismissed without further order 9 because this order has been made by the court without considering representations from the parties ,the parties have the right to apply to have the order set aside ,varied or stayed. A party wishing to make an application must send or deliver the application to the court(together with the appropiate fee)to arrive within seven days of service of this order Just got back from Ibiza so not really with it so does this mean i now send my court bundles to the court and Barclays (together with the fee, is it £100 ?) Are witness statements the things like Love v Wilson, Dunlop tyre co etc And do i send my bundle to Adrian St John at Legal and compliance Barclays MANY MANY thanks to anyone who can set me straight.......
  9. Recieved a letter from Epsom court today that without hearing my case is being switched to Guildford court It is ordered that Pursuant to the order of his honour Judge **** q.c,designated judge of the Surrey group of courts it is ordered the case be transfered to Guildford Should i be worried ? why have they changed courts ? Any help will be greatly welcomed.................cheers:idea:
  10. Barclays have put a big defence in against me. 1 The particulars of claim do not provide details of the precise charges alleged to have been unlawful etc etc ( i sent highlighted statements back which showed the fees,do not say Barclays took them but who else would ?) 2 I have gone two months over the 6 year period 3 well i think the rest are just standard so.. Should i be worried or not any help greatly appreciated.........thanks
  11. cheers trouble is i am sure my dad opened up an account for me when i was about 8 (i am 32 now) and he is losing his marbles sadly and can`t remember. somebody has mailed me a succesful court bundle which i will use, not sure what a witness statement is ? Seem important. I will see how i get on and if anybody wants to see the court bundle then let me know
  12. Are we talking about t&c when the account was first opened ? ie when i was a child or when the overdraft was taken out ? In the banks defence case they still call them "charges" is this good news for me rather than the bank calling them fees ? any help appreciated
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