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  1. well finally today i have received a schedule showing what i have been charged which is overlimit fee £224.00 & late fee £310.00. they have offered me £152.64 as gesture of goodwill which will be paid into my acc to clear arrears. (this they say is difference between £18 - £20 charge and current £12.00 charge) does anyone know if i can i claim for both the overlimit and late fees? tinks
  2. thanks for advice saintly 1 but i couldn't find previous thread, hence started new one with all relevant info. It is all fairly new this claim for my additions so didn't think it would matter. so again any help or advice from people claiming for additions fees would be welcome. tinks
  3. Well Barclays have only agreed to pay me £119 in goodwill gesture for additions fees after various conversations and letter, they said i was notified i had such an account and agreed verbally to it in the first place so i cannot do anything about it. should i issue claim or go for £119.00? i have never used any of there benefits, insurance etc. wasn't aware of it all until recently. i feel as though i am in catch 22. i am not sure i can afford to issue claim but to accept £119 would be terrible and i do believe they are in the wrong. any thoughts would be appreciated and any experience here please? tinks:)
  4. what was that about Lloyds winning the other day???? tinks :o
  5. well done! is it the full amount & if not are you going to accept it. mine offered less but said wouldnt accept, next day received ltr offering more than i had claimed. so i took it, obviously. tinks
  6. today i have received a letter from barclays in reply to my pre lim letter asking them to refund me £792.50. they have re-itterated comments saying will only offer £119 as gesture of goodwill. This was additions acc for a long time and could have been cancelled at any time, i was always aware additions account as says so on top of statements. even if i didnt use benefits they were on offer to me, etc.. any ideas what i should do. do you think i have much chance of getting the £792.50 or close to it? advice welcome & very grateful!! tinks
  7. thanks again claire. tinks
  8. one more question - the draft order says to pay claimant by DATE? would you put 7 days from today or 14 or something different? sorry i'm a bit confused here! tinks
  9. thanks claire this is just what i was looking for!! tinks
  10. wow - i can't believe this but today i have received all my statements back to dec 97 plus an offer of £119.00 as gesture of goodwill. they must be joking if they think i will accept that. here goes my battle - i'm loving it already.... tinks
  11. thanks for reply but no. i have these but i am after some ideas for what other people have put on there claim for wasted time. photo-copying? paper? time it has taken me (i have idea of this and amount to charge) stress??? anything else??? tinks
  12. i have won my case but i am claiming for waste of time. can anyone give me some advice as to what to list. it took me hours dealing with this but i want to make it reasonable to make it more likely to get something back? tinks
  13. in trying to reclaim bank charges barclays have really got my back up, they are so sneaky in everyway. i have now decided to go for waste of time costs. i have done my letter to court & attached list of cases settled before court but after defence filed, now i am trying to do my costs. it took me hours, probably 30 + is this unreasonable? what rate would you put your time down at? theirs paper, photo-copying anything else? thanks for help tinks
  14. Thanks for replies. mattyfez - i won my claim for unfair bank charges but wasn't aware at the time of this re. unfair additions fees otherwise i think i would have done as you are and claim them all together. thanks for offer to look up dates but hopefully i should receive my bank statements soon and i can once again go through this procedure. deja-vu! with my pre lim letter can i take out bit which says i will give them further 14 days to reflect, so i am only giving them 14 days to reply or i go through courts. they take so long it just feels like a waiting game and 99.999% of the time they have no intention of doing anything unless it goes through courts. ?? tinks:)
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