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  1. I've rung the Halifax up to tell them that if they fail to pay I'll take them to court. however they've come back to say that as i signed the form last time for the Full and final payment "on the account" rather than to the previous charges then they won't be paying out. I'm not sure where to go now with this. they have said that if i'm not happy to go to the Ombudsman. any suggestions on what i should do next?
  2. I'd sucessfully claimed back £2k from halifax back in February and now i've got a second claim against Halifax going on, but they've written to me to say that as they've settled in a full and final settlement for previous charges then they are refusing to repay the other charges. can they do that? what are my next steps, if any?
  3. I've finally received the payment in my account this afternoon keep up the good fight people!
  4. just to let you know guys that in my previous replies I rang my Review manager at around 10am this morning and she said that somebody had sent the requisition to the Cashier this morning (im thinking that she had done it there and then) and 3pm came along and the £1948 has been debited to my account! yey
  5. I've just spoken to my Review manager and apparently they have sent the requistion to the cashier this morning and should take 1-3 working days to clear. so Tuesday me thinks, if not then I'll get on the phone to tha bastards and threaten court action.
  6. yeh I'm in the same boat too. rang them on Monday to ask where it was and they confirmed they received my acceptance letter on 1st March and it usually takes 5 days to clear in my account. by my calculations that should mean it would have been in today. but it isn't. im gonna give them a call now to see what they say. will let ya know Gerrr
  7. Hi, Just to update y'all on this one - I received my offer letter of £1500 on Saturday - I have just rung my Review Manager (Susan Hart) up to say that I'd spoken to my "solicitor" who had advised me to reject the offer and that I was giving them one final chance to offer the full amount or else I'd send the court papers off this afternoon. after several minutes of banter with Susan, who I have to say has been quite nice to me, she went off to think for a couple of seconds and returned to say that they'll offer me the full amount £1948. bonus. so I've won. (Las Vegas here I come - £1948 on black please. )
  8. hi again, well, im well on my way to beating the banker but still have one issue that i'd like yer advice on.... the banker called me this morning to say that the bank charges were all correctly applied to my account BUT they were willing to give me a £1000 in a good will gesture. i was like 'errrr no thanks'. I'd just woken up and wasnt sure what to say but i knew i didn't wanna get all arsey and say 'oh i know my rights' and 'all my buddies darn at the CAG have all got all their money back so I want mine' as the woman was quite a plesant lady to deal with. so i just said quite plesantly that i feel that isn't enough and i would be most happy if they offered me the full amount. she replied that as i'd had 47 bank charges applied to my account that they would have to take some money in light of those. so she then offered me £1500. with a quick calculation in my head 47 x £30 (on average bank charge) worked out at about £1400. however i'd worked it out at around £1750 for bank charges and asked for £250 in interest. so i had 2 seconds to think about it and decided to ask that the offer be sent by post so that its official. it honestly felt I was in the chair and Noel Edmonds was asking me that all important question - DEAL OR NO DEAL. now my question to you is: should i get the letter and NO DEAL the offer and take them to the small claims for the extra £500 or just DEAL for the £1500, which in all honesty would make a major impact as it would clear all my debts i have and give me a clean slate. my initial thinking is that if they mess me about in sending this letter and it isn't here by Tuesday 27th Feb, which even if they sent it by Pigeon it would get to me by Tuesday then i'll take them to court. but if the letter arrives before then i think im gonna accept and claim victory over tha Banker. so really what do you guys think? DEAL OR NO DEAL?? ta
  9. Hi all, I've got a quick question for you.... I have gone through the process of the first letter requesting my charges be reimbursed but with no reply from the Halifax so I sent a second letter out threatening court action if no reply within 14 days (ending 16th Feb) meanwhile I received a reply to my first letter saying that they look in to it and reply within a max 4 weeks so I called them up just now and they said that they're having hundreds of 'complaints' a day so they are going on a first come, first served process and that i'll receive a letter this week stating a specific date within 4 weeks of when they'll get back to me. now im unsure what to do really - do i proceed with court actions on Friday or do I wait for the letter to arrive with 'my date'?? any suggestions like? ta Gary
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