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  1. Hi! I am glad to report that A&L have agreed to pay back the PPI that I paid on one of my past loans with them, but I am also chasing another claim that I had with them. They have sent me a letter regarding the first claim, agreeing to pay all that they owe plus interest but I need to sign an acceptance form which states "in full and final settlement"????? Will that mean that I will not be able to claim on my second settlement if I sign??? OR is it only in relation to the first claim???? Many thanks in advance ANN
  2. Many thanks!!! Will give it a read! ANNA
  3. ABBEY NATIONAL!!!! Filled in the AQ and this is all we have had back after waiting weeks. I was going to send this letter as a reply (as seen on this website) Dear Sir/Madam, CLAIM NUMBER : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I write in relation to the above claim and specifically the staying order placed upon it by the court on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX You requested this stay to be ordered in the Allocation Questionnaire of the defendant, in order that a settlement is reached by way of negotiation. The court has subsequently acceded to your request and I am therefore inviting you to offer your proposal's for the settlement of these matters. I am writing on the assumption that your request to the court was made in utmost good faith and with the genuine intention of resolving the matter in hand, rather than merely an attempt to further delay proceedings in this case. I trust that as the representative of a reputable and esteemed organisation, you would not hold the honorable court's order in such contempt as not to respond to this letter positively and in the manner in which your request for the stay has indicated. As such, I will expect a response prior to the date set by the court, XXXXXX informing me of how you intend to proceed. A copy of this letter has also been sent to the court. Yours faithfully Would this be the correct move??? Many thanks ANNA
  4. Hi, We filed the AQ at the end of Feb and have just received a document: "Standard order for stay for settlement with consent of all the parties" Form N24. What does this mean????? It states that, "the District Judge orders that this claim is stayed until 11 May to enable the parties to attempt settlement". Has anyone else received one of these??? Many thanks ANNA
  5. :o Hi All, My husband just phoned the court to query his case as he handed in the AQ at the end of Feb. The judge has looked at the case and has referred it to a third party!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure what that means???????????? Any help would be great:confused: ????????????? The court said that both parties should recieve details in the post soon. Has anyone experienced this before? Many thanks in advance ANNA
  6. Hi All! I handed in the AQ against Abbey at the end of February and still have not heard anything. I called the courts 2 weeks ago and they said that they are very busy and that the Judge has not had a chance to look at it yet??? How long does it usually take?? Many thanks in advance ANNA
  7. Hi Phil, Thanks so much for your help! We are only claiming for £560!!! not alot to them but will keep on the crusade:D !!! ANNA
  8. Thanks, will wait a bit longer. What happens if abbey do not submit their AQ??? Do I still have to appear in court??? Do you think that there is still a strong possibilty that they might settle before??? I'm hoping so!!! Thanks again ANNA:p
  9. Hi all. I submitted an AQ over three weeks ago and still have not heard anything??? Does anyone know on average, how long I should wait before investigating??? Just worried because our post often goes AWOL!!! :o Thanks ANNA
  10. QUOTE:Anyway thought you may be interested to know that they have got me down as having totally the wrong name. I am Suzanne, they have me down as a Brian somebody or other. Hi, I have had the same problem. I received a copy of the Defence papers from Abbey with my name and claim number on, but also a page with another persons name on as a claimant with the same reference number????? But I am still waiting nervously for my court date.
  11. Hi All, Barclays charged me £30 only last week after a cheque which I wrote a while ago accidentally exceeded my overdraft (Whoops!) I telephoned them to say as a "good gesture will" could they refund this money and they said "No!" as I had exceeded my overdraft within the past year once already and was not charged then as a "goodwill gesture" . I stated that I could take this further and they said that they have different terms and conditions now and basically I did'nt have a hope. Are they trying their luck?? However I replied that I was now demanding the past six years statements to be posted to me (which they said I did not have to pay for!) and I said that it was now going to cost them more as I was now going to claim for the total six years of charges? Have laws changed recently? Thanks ANNE
  12. Hi! I have just recevied the N149 form to claim back £563 plus court costs from Abbey. I have printed off the instructions from this website on how to fill the form in. But, I was wondering, should I send any additional information at this stage such as a copy of all the correspondance sent and recieved so far, also copy of bank statements. I know I should have this with me when and if it goes to court:o but is it advisable to send these in with the form??? Also Section G - other information, what should I write??? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks
  13. Hi All, I am new to this forum but am at the stage where Abbey have just filed a defence but I have not received a court date yet. They have however offered (by letter) half of the amount £361 instead of £643 (incl court cost)and have telephoned to say that they are willing to negotiate if I put it in writing. I am willing to accept £500 plus £80 court costs just to speed things up but wanted to know if there are any template letters or advice in regards to putting this is writing. Many thanks for any replies!!!
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