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  1. Dont worry they wont close your account, althought they do say something along the lines of "if it happens again we may have to reconsider your account blah blah blah" but they are the ones that lose out if they close your account so its better that they dont!
  2. I have just come across this thread, it seems that "whatawoman" is being taken the whole 9 yards with this claim, i dont know why they drag it out for so long as the inevitable result is going to be a settlement! I was fortunate to receive a settlement offer the day of MCOL, i am glad i didnt have to take it this far... Good luck!
  3. Still waiting on money, then received another letter yesterday stating that the charges date back over 6 years (which is true for one of them) so they are offering £1,065 as full and final settlement. This is after i have already signed and returned acceptance for £1,100. I just think they are totally disorganised, maybe a bit overwhelmed, so i am ignoring the second offer and pursuing the first offer
  4. Like a bolt from the blue i got home yesterday (14th March) to find a letter from the HSBC offering the sum of £1,100 as full and final settlement! My claim was for £1,251 SETTLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know i could take it the whole way and claim more but i am not gonna mess around, i always said i would settle for £1,000 anyways Success!!!!!
  5. Still no response from HSBC, will begin MCOL tomorrow 15.3.07, in a way i am glad they have not paid up yet because now i am going for the jugular and claiming the extra 8% which is over £300!!!
  6. I think the 14 days is a legal thing but like you say there is nowhere that says the terms of the agreement so there is nothing that they can use to enforce it! If you want to stop the agreement you should contact your bank immediately and advise them not to deal with claimyours or disclose information or money to anyone, then write to or email claimyours and advise them you have cancelled permission to act on your behalf. They responded to me and apologised after i cancelled and emailed them telling them what i thought of them, but it was too late by then! I think they basically they have other full time jobs and just do this as a part time earner on top!!!? They do not have any law qualifications, they are not authorised by the FSA to handle money, they are no more qualified than anyone on this forum... or thats how it appears anyway! I have claimed by myself from two banks and just received full settlement from one of them. Its easier than it seems, just follow the advice in this forum and you cant fail, and then you get 100% of your moeny too! Good luck
  7. Thats good news for anyone making claims with RBOS, maybe they will fight harder on larger amounts but i am amazed at how quickly they are paying out Congrats
  8. Yeah i have already done that, am ready and prepared, although i dont really understand MCOL but i will figure it all out soon enough! Just received settlement from RBS within3 weeks of prelim letter, hopefully i will be as lucky with this one!
  9. Letter received in response to prelim saturday 5th March Settled - full and final £230 That must be a record time? Well chuffed!!!!
  10. No i didnt calculate all the interest, it was possibly worth another 100 so i probably should have. if it gets to the court stage i can add 8% anyway so i wont lose out too much
  11. I sent my LBA to the Customer relations freepost address (although i paid for recorded delivery!), i also filled out an online complaint form to catch extra attention to my claim I know they received my letter as its been signed for, its just a case of waiting now
  12. Sounds like things have moved quickly for you mate, I sent LBA yesterday (1st March) so i'm hoping for the same luck! Well done;)
  13. Checked Royal Mail website, letter has been signed for Strike 2!!!
  14. Checked royal mail website, letter has been signed for Strike 2!!!
  15. 1st March 07 LBA sent by recorded delivery at 13:30pm
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