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  1. Hi John1422, I also have the same problem being away on the court date, I have just spoken to the court & they said that a few people have been on holiday & there is no problem with them not being there, they have still won the case. Obviously you have to get your bundle to the court & defendent with a letter saying that you will not be attending. While on the phone to the lady she did say that it looks as if the tables may be turning, and the banks are looking for ways to not pay up, she said by christmas it may be a different story, so i guess to not delay the date would be a good idea!
  2. Great just had a reply to my emails & been told P.Quinn is in charge of my case, not good news, i've only read negative things about this guy. If I end up going to court exactly what costs could I claim, I'm in the channel islands for the whole of the summer & i'd have to fly back for my court date, could i claim this!!!? My only other alternative is to change the date but I don't know how easy that is.......any suggestions? from reading this thread i was really hoping to settle it before court, but with quinn on the case it looks unlikely....
  3. oh & my court date is on August 9th...
  4. Thanks Trucker, i found the litigation thread after posting the above & have emailed 3 of the team & left voicemail for Krystal, lets see if I get a response!?? What exactly does the court bundle exist of?
  5. Thanks SARACEN, i've just sent off the same email to dino/kate & krysta as everyone seems to think that they are the most helpful, lets see if i get a reply!
  6. Hi can anyone advise? I am about to send a few emails to Krysta/Dino/Kate etc, I want to be sure that my sums are correct... So when I first submitted my claim many months ago I had a figure calculated with intest....but surely that figure should increase as time goes by (do I re-calculate) or do you stick with the first amount on your claim? I have also incurred 7 more paid referral fees of £30 each totalling £240 with intrest of £3.01 DO I INCLUDE THESE? ALSO do i mention the court fee of £120...do we get that back aswell? I have seen your notes on #24 but none of these questions are answered, have spent some time reading through the thread & can't find anything relevant. I don't want to annoy the litigation team on the first point of contact.... pls help.:?
  7. I've just re read the court order & its says: "if you cannot, or choose not to, attend the hearing. The district judge will take account of your statement of case and any other documents you have filed." Does this mean that i can't change the hearing date anyway? When it says: "Each party shall deliver to every other party & to the court office copies of all documents (including experts' reports if the court has given permission for expert evidence to be used) on which he intends to rely at the hearing" Does that mean the list of charges & my letters? And when it says original documents...ALL MY STATEMENTS? Signed statements...argghhh? feeling very lost, i was so hoping that this would be settled out of court! please advise...
  8. 1. Hi I have received a court date hearing but I'm out of the country, I called the court & they told me I have to write a letter to barclays requesting a change of date...is this correct? Will this affect my case? Should I try to leave the date as is & fly back or could I have somebody representing me? Or would it be ok to change it??? 2. Because of not cancelling some direct debits I have again gone over my overdraft & incurred even more fee's!!! Can i add these recent ones to the claim or do i have to go through the whole process again??!!! 3. Does anybody know about the account fee's charged just for having the priviledge of an account with barclay's eg. I have an ADDITIONS account & this costs me £11.50 per month, I have requested FIVE times to be downgraded, once in a local branch & four over the phone & each person has told me that it has been done, only to find on the next statement that it still exists! arrrggggghhhh!!! I just had barclays debt colllection on the phone & they told me that I have to bring my account back down to its overdraft limit, as i'm not using it the only thing coming out is intrest & this ridiculous account fee, I told the guy that i have tried to cancel SO many times & he refunded me 3 additions fees, is there any way i can get more refunded? Although i don't have any personal records of calling to request a downgrade the last time i spoke to a customer service person they told me they could see a log for a request, then again they tried to sort it out for me but the phone lines were experiencing 'technical problems' & i got cut off after being on hold for 30 mins, even though the person took my number & said they would return my call if this happened they didn't, so i tried to call back again & there was an automated message of the lines being temporarily down!!!! I have spent sooo much time on the phone over the months & nothing seems to be resolved! 4. Also because of barclays debt collection being involved with my account, they told me that my credit rating will be effected, is there anything i can do about this? I would appreciate any advice/comments given, I find this whole process quite bewildering! thankyou, starcandy.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm filling out the online claim right now.....silly question probably but do i put the banks address that i've been sending my letters to (my branch) or barclays head office or customer relations? apologise for being dim, but i'm sure i read on this forum that its meant to be head office & now i can't find where i read it!
  10. Hi I'm trying to reclaim my bank charges, sent my LBA, & the date to file for a claim was on tuesday (just gone), but as i was so busy i was unable to do it that day, then on wednesday morning i received a letter from the bank offering part payment in a full & final settlement being paid into my account within 10 days if i send back the acceptance form. It then says "if you are dissatisfied with my proposal for resolving your complaint you may be eligible to refer to the financial ombudsman service". ??? -What is this? My question is 'Do i just file my online money claim to the court straight away?' or 'return a letter rejecting their offer & give them another 10 days?' or 'accept their offer, stating that only as partial payment & i will still continue to attempt to get full amount?' I have read the FAQ's but i'm still a little unsure as the date has passed by a couple of days from when i should have filed my claim....therefore do i give them more time or not....feel a little uneasy about rejecting £830 but full amount is nearly £1500. thankyou for any opinion offered. CC.
  11. whoops, its not come out right, obviously this doesn't accept spread sheet things...i'll edit it!
  12. Thanks again, okay I included the below in the prelim letter, do you think that is okay? It has the charges dated etc, but not the reason for the charge, should I re-do it for the LBA letter or is the below sufficient? Thanks. SPREAD DIDN'T WORK!
  13. Sorry I don't know if i made myself clear & being unfamiliar with the jargon, what is "A SCHEDULE OF CHARGES"??? I am presuming that it is a copy of bank statements with charges highlighted? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.
  14. Hi Livelylad, thanks, i have read the faq's and step by steps. I will send the LBA today, just a couple of questions, sorry if i'm being dim!.... quotes from LBA: quote"I am enclosing a copy of the schedule of the charges which I am claiming. I have already sent you a copy of this in my original letter" does this mean copies of my bank statements? quote "plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX." I worked out the intrest on 'thisismoney www' for each charge but not on overdraft intrest...not sure if I have to do that aswell or is the intrest on the charges the same? Additionally you have entered a default notice against my credit record. How would I know if this had been done? Thanks starcandy.
  15. Hi everyone, well I only came across this forum today, I wish I had sooner or before i sent the first letter. I sent the preliminary one on the 30th Jan asking for £1225 bank charges and £266.85 intrest totalling £1491.85, working the intrest out from 'This is money' website, on this forum you say not to do this...why? I'm worried now! I had heard nothing so yesterday I called them & they said that it was under investigation and I would hear from them shortly. Today I received a letter from 'retail banking customer relations', (Craig Patterson, Edostar) basically saying sorry for the level of service you have received from Barclays blah blah blah, we are looking into your concerns & will let you have an answer or update asap, but no later than the 6th march 2007. In the meantime if i wish to contact them call this number.... So in total the time elapsed if i don't hear from them by 6th will be over 28 days, does this mean I file for court action then? It seems that it is best to use that as a last resort, how do you think I should play it now? Should I call them? it sounds silly but I don't think I'd know what to say! I sent the letter to my account holding branch, should I write another letter in response to the fob off customer relations one?? Please any advice, greatly appreciated, Thanks Starcandy.
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