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    My case against Lloyds TSB has been stayed with the court - it is a fast track case. I have done everything correctly - filed my allocation questionnaire and my listing questionnaire and paid all of the fees to court. Lloyds were ordered to file their Listing Questionnaire on 8th August, but they filed another allocation questionnaire instead. Since then, the case has been stayed until 1st April 2008. I asked the court if the defendant still has to file their listing questionnaire and they said no. What can I do? I feel that this is uncredibly unfair as I have complied with the order, but they have got away with not doing so. It cost me £275 to file this, which is money I could've done with keeping in my account. Can I write to the judge and ask him/her to stick to the original order? Or do I have to apply to have the stay lifted? Please help.
  2. Well it's good to know that they are consistantly crap. Let me know how your case goes.
  3. Perfect!!!!! Thank you Michael! Has anybody experienced fast track with Lloyds TSB?
  4. You can accept it as part payment and continue with your claim for the rest
  5. Is there anyone out there who can help me with my claim???
  6. Write to the bank stating that you accept this as part payment only and intend to claim for the rest - then carry on with your claim. Use the Rejection of settlement Template letter in the CAG library
  7. Yes definately stick to your own schedule, but it might be worth sending the LBA letter by recorded delivery
  8. I've always found that Lloyds are very unresponsive over the phone. They usually drag these things out til the last minute. It might be worth rinin them, but don't expect anything - most cases have gone as far as a hearing date.
  9. I have sent off my Allocation Questionnaire now and have recieved my pre trial check list. My claim has been allocated to the Fast Track because it is over £5k and I have a list of things to do. I don't understand what the following means: 1. "Each party do give standard disclosure to every party by list" 2. "The latest date for delivery of list is 16th April 2007" 3. "The latest date for servise of any request to inspect or for a copy to be made is 23rd April 2007" 4. "There will be simultaneous exchange of witness statements of fact 28th May 2007" Has anybody experienced this? What does it mean? Is it likely that LTSB will cave in soon or do they usually wait til last minute? Is the fact that it's a fast track claim going to go against me? Please help. I' m really nervous now.
  10. I need a bit of advice. I'm not scared of court at all - that doesn't phase me, but does anyone know what would be likely to happen if I lost my case in a fast track. I understand that I woud have to pay charges, but not knowing how much would mean that I wouldn't be able to set this aside - is the amount capped? Also, how do the courts make you pay (i.e. immediately, installments)? Please help as I want to be 100% prepared. If the courts don't accept the case as a small claims, could I change the claim to £4999? How does that work?
  11. I started my claim against LTSB in Decmeber before I knew about this web site. I am now at the AQ stage. They sent "the usual stuff" in their defence (which I received today) like the claim was "embarrassing" etc etc. I would like to thank everyone for posting their experiences on this site, otherwise I probably would've backed down by now. Also it's nice to know that we are all talking about these cahrges openly. LTSB made me feel guilty about the errors I was making in the past, but since I've looked through all of my statements, I realised that most of the charges I received were because of previous charges. When my finances started to get better, LTSB started moving the goal posts and seemed to be very eager to keep me in the red. I complained about this in October and they sent me a letter stating that this was not the case, but then sent me another letter in November saying that they wanted to close the account. I arranged another account to be opened, but LTSB didn't close the account afterall. That made me mad, so now I'm taking back every penny I can. I am going to knuckle down and get my homework done. My claim is for over £5000 and may be in fast track rather than the small claims - ths makes me very nervous. I would appreciate all the help I can get.
  12. I'm a little new to this, but have been reading the other threadswhich has given me loads of confidence with my case against Lloyds TSB. Like most people here, I had trouble with LTSB. I was made redundant and ended up starting my own business. The business didn't get off the ground as quickly as I'd hoped and there fore I ended up with charges that totalled around £6000. I have started my claim for the £6000 + interest + £250 court fees and LTSB have just stated that they are defending the full amount of the claim. I am concerned that this case will not be heard at a small claims court. Any advice at this stage?
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