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  1. Oh no this is not good! its ok for then to take the money in space of a few minutes but trying to get it back it a nightmare!!! Thanks for your reply. Fishes
  2. hello can anyone help me please, I need to know if i need to take Halifax to court myself or shall I just wait for the decision on the 22 May? Thanks Fishes
  3. Do I need to send out anymore letters? if so which letter is it in the libruary sorry but i really dont have a clue what im doing. Thanks:)
  4. I have had a letter from Halifax saying that the cannot do anything at the moment and its been placed on hold maybe for a YEAR or so!!! Is there anything I can do I dont see why I should have to wait that long?!?!
  5. No I havent started court action yet I just sent off the first letter with the request. I will read the step by step guide and find out what to do next. Cheers.
  6. I have just chased my bank who is the Halifax to see where they are upto with my bank charges case, there is a automated service which says there is a test case going on at the moment and they cannot say how long this could take it may be a year or more?!?!?!?! they are not dealing with the case until this has been sorted. oh my god. is there anything I can do??:? Thanks Fishes
  7. I also have another question, that is, that my charges amount up to £2782.00 will i get all this back or do they give you only a certain amount?
  8. Hi, thanks very much for your reply. its really helpful.
  9. Morning all, Can somebody please tell me which office i write off to for halifax, is it my branch or a head office? I have also been told that I need to open up another bank account as the halifax once i write off to them and finally get my charges back they will then not see me as a happy customer and tell me to get lost really. is this right?
  10. Hi There, Ring or go into your bank ask for last 6 years (thats what I did anyway) they cannot charge anymore the £10 for it. Once you receive them there is a letter in the letter Library for you to send to the bank with your statments higlighting the charges and they hopefully relpy, im not quite sure after that as all I have done so far is ask for my bank statements which I havnt rec'd as yet. Best of luck Fishes
  11. Hi Al, Thanks for your advice its much appreciated.I will read away tonight. Fishes
  12. Hello I have just registered and was wondering if anyone had any usefull tips for me as I dont not have much of an idea as to what Im supposed to be doing. I have requested my bank statements for the last 6 years and currently reading through everything on this website that I can. Thanks Fishes
  13. Hello, I have just registered today and was wondering if anyone had any usefull tips, I have no idea what im really doing. I have requested my bank statements which I await. Thanks Fishes
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