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  1. Well met with the Judge today to make sure they carried out instruction and Yes this is now dismissed!! This should never have got this far no trace of ever having a debt with these people. I cannot thank 42man enough, thank goodness for CAG and the volunteers that help people like me, this must get to as many people as possible and I for one am going to make sure it does. I feel sorry for those that did not turn up at court today and sadly have their petitions for bankruptsy go through. Even though this has been a very stressful time it has empowered me to take on anyone who demands money without proof i owe it.. I will be writing to the OFT, and when the judge asked if we had anything to add we did point out the unnecessary stress this has caused our lives and they should be ashamed of themselves. It has definately been a lesson well learned and thank you again 42Man for your excellent help and calmness you bought to us when we thought all was lost. Donantion gratefully given Suzy Lou
  2. Hi I have the docs back, have PM you but cannot seem to be able to send the scans?
  3. no not really any problems just the odd wrong delivery thats all and no empty houses
  4. Great Thank you very much for your help, will be going to the court tomorrow.
  5. We have never received a statutory demand, and the original debtor was last used back in 2000 as far as I am aware there is no debt outstanding. Cannot repost docs until tomorrow. do i contact the court?
  6. Her is the document in a few pages, i note the ist credit took on the debt on the 6/1/2005 isnt this statute barred ? Please find attached document
  7. No we have had several letters from first credit that go straight in the bin, they have not said who the original debt was from and if it is older than 6 years which it probably is as we have not had any credit since at least 2000 then when I called the solicitors last night to check if they were real they have said anyone making a payment should put the request in writing.
  8. Moorhead James of London have hand delivered a bankruptcy order to my husband today, it is for an alleged debt held bt 1st Credit, we have no debt with firstcredit, shall i contact the court ? It is poorly written and was not delivered in an envelope just handed over
  9. Don't use a company called Chatsworth they basically took most of my money and did not pass it on to creditors, i took legal advice after 18 months payments and my solicitor told me to not pay, I defaulted of course but would rather deal with companies direct than have someone give the story that they are helping you with these things and then do the exact opposite. They basically took there fee first before any payment was ever made to a creditor. I have had a few creditors ask for money but none of them have had the agreements so no payments made. This was over 6 years ago now but if they are still around i would not bother.
  10. Hi Guy's have just had a letter from a DCA called Red, this was a debt that has been passed from Lowells to Red, has anyone heard of them? They are chasing a nearly statute barred debt. Have not CCA them yet just wanted more info if possible. It is for a Barclay loan.
  11. Following me checking my Credit references, Lowells have sent a letter chasing an old Barclays Loan debt to my current address it seems a coinsidence they must have been checking the references. They have not sent any correspondance until now. Following a failed IVA which defaulted in Nov 2002 this is the first correspondance regarding this debt. Do I ignore the letters waiting for the statute barred date to arrive or is the fact they sent a letter enough to keep this going another 6 years or shall i CCA them?
  12. I will send the N244 to Northampton, shall i wait to see if BC respond to my request for all information? Or shall I let the court know I have asked for the info and see what they say. Can i ask if anyone knows if the debt is not showing on a credit report the company can no longer pursue it. Also is a debt removed from the date of default and six years after or if some companies get a CCJ by default that stays on there for 6 years from the date of CCJ.
  13. Thanks for everyone's help, the judgement is for just over £4000.00, so does this change the fee then?, I called my local court and they told me it was £75.00 fee to get the warrant put aside. I rang Northampton and they said ring your local court because they would have passed a warrant on to them, they had not passed to my local court and recommended that I send the request for a put aside judgement to Northampton because that is where the warrant was granted apparantly, I have not had any letters from the court to this effect only from Bryan carter solicitors to my current address saying they will be sending bailiffs becasue I failed to keep up an agreement I never had in the first place. the orignal CCJ was for a part payment of this 4000.00 and that is what I had apparantly had an agreement for. I didn't think you couod ask for part payment of debts? All so confusing.
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