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  1. Hi no never got any letters so I'm ashamed to say I just left it but with this car thing it's shook me up a bit again. I thought because they'd got a money order at the time of repossession they could enforce it without going back to court so that's a relief. Maybe they are just a tracing company and I'll get a letter shortly I've also been contacted by mackenzie hall through email. Thanks for your reply it really helps.
  2. Hi just an update I have still yet to receive any response but yesterday noticed a car park outside and the passenger was looking at my car on the drive and seemed to be writing down the reg. I am so concerned that they are now getting ready to send a bailiff in that I've hardly slept. Are they likely to send the bailiffs in without any warning as there was a money order attached to the repossession. Thanks for your help.
  3. I wrote to the dlc and heard nothing till today when I received a letter from Scotcall asking for £40.000 otherwise they'll send a field agent round !!
  4. I am so cross still had nothing back except another letter from dlc saying as ive not responded they may now consider sending someone round. We really don't need this just lost my mother in law suddenly so have enough on
  5. Still not received a response to sar but had another letter from DLC offering to half the debt to 20.000 any next steps now please thankyou
  6. Don't be surprised if this is passed on to another DCA this has happened to me several times
  7. I have received another letter from dlc offering a £10 monthly payment ive still not heard from capstone but almost want to start paying it just so I can sleep at night. Would this jeopardise any claim for charges etc being refunded. Thanks again
  8. Hi So after sending a sar and not hearing anything yet I came home with a letter from dlc with regards to paying it back. They have said the usual contact now for a discount or to arrange a repayment plan what should my next step be please Thankyou
  9. I am sure it does they average it out per week so your payments should reduce by 2/7ths per week approximately
  10. This is not acceptable regardless of the autism. Your wifes school has a duty of care towards her and she has a right to a safe working environment. In the authority I work we have to record on quite a complex form any incident like you are describing. We have had pupils suspended for less I know it sounds harsh but this sometimes is the only way for the child to get the correct support from outsides agencies. I hope your wife is ok.
  11. Thankyou Ell-enn I do appreciate your help just gutted that even after losing the house I'm still suffering even more
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