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  1. Thanks for remaining positive on my behalf, I'm just not going to be in a position to pay any more court fees or anything ever, and am sorely tempted if I can jack it all in now for free to do that. Almost wishing I'd cashed their paltry offer of goodwill at the time!
  2. I'm wondering what to do now, way back in Jan 07 I started a case against A&L did all the MCOL paid my court fees and the case was dueto go to court the friday when the announcement came in all cases were being put on hold. I'm not going to get anything back now, the money I paid for the court case is wasted, I don't know how to stop everything. Rubbish news doesn't cover it
  3. Twas Bradford County Court, and tbh I'm not in a position where I can afford £35 on this - they've already had courts fees, amendment fees... I'm the only one out of pocket so far Thanks all for the help tho
  4. Well got my letter today. stayed until February 2008. Woot.
  5. I contacted Bradford County Court to find out what date they required my bundle for, to be told "Your case is being stayed, they all are. You'll be getting a letter shortly". So it's already gone on 8 months, and will continue I guess
  6. Spoken to the court - no wonder I've no recollection of bundle being asked for - it wasn't. I've been told I'm due a letter in the next week or so as my case is being stayed due to the test case. Lovely Thankyou for your help everyone! I'll put my feet up now!
  7. Hiya again, my search ability is proving useless - does ayone know the link to the summarised Aussie report that people were using recently? Ta!
  8. Thanks Mimi, you're a legend. I found Dec 2002 on this site, so I'll use those I reckon, cover my back. Just got to sort a couple of reports, a contents page and then pick up my statements from home. Kinda miffed that the court wouldn't confirm what date is had to be in by - i couldve already missed it, BUT with a court date of sept 4th I hope not
  9. thanks for the help so far Mj & jess, you're amking it so much more straightforward to me. I have to get as much printing done today as poss as can only do at work, but the t&c library link are rapidshare which is blocked Can anyone copy & email me the t&cs for Sept 2002 / April 2007? If so pm me and I'll give you a work email addy. Thanks!
  10. When I rung them all they told me was the date and time, they wouldn't confirm anything else. I gave a statement of evidence at my preliminary / directional hearing, will I need another? Thanks MJ x
  11. I'm afraid I don't have that, the letter has disappered and they can't send me another. All I know is I have to send a copy to them and one to A&L :
  12. Thanks for the support everyone, it just feels a bit like its on top of me now. I can't really afford to lose the money I've already paid, I was hoping they might have made an offer by now : ( Any help is greatly appreciated, the letter I got from the court about my date / bundle was moved *somewhere* by the ex, so I had to ring them for the details. I still have all my correspondence Ive sent them and everything. Jess my email is tegill (at) blueyonder (dot) co (dot) uk (obv without the brackets and with .'s), I'd appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks so much
  13. Hi all. I'm in a bit of a quandry. I'm due in court Sept 4th, and I haven't yet prepared my court bundle. I've been going through a bit of a harsh breakup and it's really been out of my head. I'm not sure what goes on with people like me with this test case happening, if my claim will continue or what, but i'm close to jacking it in at the moment, I don't feel I have time time or energy for it. I know my bundle will be due in the next week - how would one go about cancelling a case?
  14. Chubbas - thanks cazawilson - I would say take everything you might need - better be overprepard than under. They didn't take a witness stament off any of us, although they did ask us to submit it in writing after the hearing I GOT MY COURT DATE 4th September. I could have gestated and had a child in the length of time this will have been going on should it get to there!
  15. Jansus - I'm all sent off, received and reserved so now it's just waiting, they get 14 days from the date of service to "react" to the changes (which they don't need as it is exactly what I've been telling them all along) then we wait for the court date. I want them to talk about an offer, it's been going on since january, it feels never ending!
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