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  1. Lula, Thank you. I will ring them tomorrow. Feel clamer about it all now. Thanks once again.
  2. Going there tomorrow .. might just give it a go!
  3. Thanks for the advice. Will ring Slough court tomorrow and take it from there. Think the judge awarded me £100 just to shut me up and get me out of there!!
  4. Thanks. Yes I did get my £100. I'll ring the Court tomorrow and check with them. If I do nothing and the date passes does that mean that the Abbey have won? Or do I need to start the process of having the stay lifted? I'm so confused!!!
  5. Thanks for your reply. Letter says " Upon hearing the Claimants in person and Counsel for the Defendant it is ordered that 1. The proceedings be stayed until 01/02/08. 2. The Defendants to pays the Claimant the sum of £100 in respect of the expenses incurred by the Claimant to attend court" That's all the letter says. I really have no idea how to proceed so any more help greatly appreciated.
  6. Have just dug out my Abbey stuff. My case was stayed back in October 07. I thought the case had been stayed till April 08, but today reading through my enormous file of paperwork on my case, I reread the letter and it says that "the proceedings will be stayed until 01/02/08". Can anyone advise me on what I need to do? Do I need to get the stay lifted? Have i left it too late? Need all the help I can get please.
  7. I had my case heard in county court back in October and the solicitor from Abbey was there and requested an stay which he got. The case was stayed until March 2008. What will happen now that this date is appraoaching? Got a horrible feeling that I should have done something back in October when it was stayed but i was too exhausted and fed up with it all! Is there something that i should be doing now? Do i get another court date? Can anyone advise me on what the process is please. Thanks:confused:
  8. Thanks for all your good luck messages, will let you know what happens. Not sure what will happen as Abbey have not sent me or the court their court bundle and when I phoned the court today they said that they had not requested a stay yet, so I suppose that they will do it in person tomorrow. Can they do this? You would think that by not complying with the courts direction to send me their bundle I would win by default. If only it was that easy. Taking my hubby with me, it's a joint account after all, so we'll be able to drown our sorrows together.
  9. Thanks for your advice NightOwl. I'll be busy reading from now till Friday! Incidentally, the Abbey haven't complied with the courts directions as they have not sent me or the court their bundle, I have sent both parties my evidence. Should I do somethign about this before Friday? Just want to get this over and done with now!!
  10. Deb, Well Done! I'm in ciourt on Friday and Abbey have not sent court bundle to me or to the court ( I have). Can I request a judgement as they have failed to comply with the courts instructions? Anyway, enjoy your success, it's well earned I'm sure. I'm hoping mine will get sorted on Friday as I'm running our of steam.
  11. I'm in court on Friday and have sent my bundle to Abbey and delivered another copy to the court. I have received nothing from the Abbey. Does anyone have any idea of what will happen on Friday and how I should prepare?
  12. Letter says " Judge has considered the staments of case and allocation questionnaires filed and allocated the claim to the small claims track. The hearing will take place on 27 September at Slough CC and should take no longer than 5 mins. The court must be informed if the case is settled before the hearing date. Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documets on which he intends to rely on no later than 14 days bewfore the hearing." What do you think this all means .... i thought this was going to be my moment in court and finally get things resolved. Have i been working myself up for nothing?? Would appreciate your thoughts on the above. Thanks
  13. Got my court date for the end of the month.... court bundle ready to be posted. What will happen next... Will abbey show up on day and ask for a stay? What can I do to prevent this. Not sure how I need to prepare myself for appearing in court. Any advice would be great. On my letter from the court it said that the hearing should take no longer than 5 minutes (is this normal?) Case is being heard at Slough. Getting very nervous now as not sure what to expect.
  14. Can i include letters from Abbey marked "without prejudice" in my court bundle? Also, Do i need to include Abbey's Terms & Conditions in their too? if so where can i get a copy? Many thanks. Court date on 28th Sept so trying to get things sorted.
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