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  1. Hi, i have sent my letter requesting the money back and have recieved a reply from halifax complain department, it looks pretty standard and basically say 'sorry that your not happy about the charges and we will aim to resolve your complaint within 4 weeks' Is this normal and what steps should i anticipate taking now? Thanks for all your help this site really is great!
  2. Ok decided to open another account beore doing our spreadsheet, but wont halifax be angry that we have left them whilst being 800 quid overdrawn!? can anyone suggest any good accounts? i have seen a decent alliance and leicester account via motley fool but dont know whats best if any thanks again all for ya help
  3. I do have another bank account anyway it just if they take my overdraft away on the account im claiming on its a lot of money to have to pay back isn't it especially if they wait til im in credit then take it away from me!
  4. thanks again for your replies, im now well worried about actually claiming them back if they do remove our overdraft then i wont be able to pay any bills at all leaving me in a right mess! jeez i was dead set to claim too! doubt i will now!
  5. Thanks. I have looked at the 'interest back' option and to be honest dont really understand as in the spreadsheat it has options like ' unpaid direct debit' and other scenarios and i just cannot remember what or why the charges would incur so would sooner just claim the basic charges at least i understan them!!! Anyone got a basic template letter for the charges less interest? thanks again for all your help this site is ace!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Recieved a cheque off British Gas this morning for £30 'in recognition of the problems you have had experienced in your dealings with us' Lets hope they do actually turn up and service my boiler properly!!
  7. Right, this morning the statements have arrived, no covering letter or anything, just the statements. I have worked out all the charges on my account so what is my next step i need to take? I really dont want to mess this up sorry for asking so many questions!
  8. Powergen tried to call me 2 weeks ago last friday but i wasnt in so my wife took the call, they said they would send a letter but that was 2 weeks ago. Should i wait or contact them again?
  9. British gas are due to service my system for the very fist tim on 23rd march, i have a baxi back boiler and am worried what will happen if they condem it? If its condemmed is that the end do i have to have a new boiler??
  10. Cheque for the statement request just gone out my account! Does it matter if for the majority of the time our account is overdrawn? we always stay in our limit but is only in credit when we get paid each month!
  11. Powergen spoke to me again today and i made the offer of £5 a month, they said no way they can offer me that but rang me back after 2 hours saying if i pay over the phone they will accept £75 im still not happy with this so shall i stick to my guns for £5 a month? oh i have spoken to a manager right from word go i know some of the reps in call centres can be awful lol! thanks for replys so far cheers all
  12. Hi all, i have a british gas homecare account for the last 13 months and although i have had a minor repair to my heating system (the 2 way water valve) i have never had a service. I have checked in my contract and it says all new contracts taken out will have a service on services covered within 28 days of contract and subsequently every year. 13 months have now passed, no letter, no phone calls, what should i do as for £16 a month i feel like i have somewhat lost out. Any advice very much appreciated thanks again
  13. Well here goes i have done the SAR request from your templates and filled in details for 2 of my accounts, i haven't bothered with a 'parachute' account as we are also happy with the money they owe gcoming off our overdraft then hopefully we can get rid of it completely! Thanks for all your help so far, i will be honest im pretty damn scared but i suppose they want ya to be like this dont they! oh, what is the best address to send this to at the halifax and do i need to make the cheque payable to? thanks again
  14. Thanks all for your replies, i think i will offer to pay half of the bill although reluctantly i dont think they would ever go any lower. i am of the understanding that i have the right to pay the bill over the same period of time it took to produce it. pretty much a standard with all bills. Any more advice is gratefully recieved, thanks again all
  15. Hello all! This is quite a complicated one but i will start from the begining. December 2005 i moved from my old address to my new house, upon moving i gave my meter reading to powergen for gas and later recieved a bill saying i was in credit for £146. To be honest i knew this wasn't right so gave them a call and was basically told i couldnt be in credit on a pre-payment meter, the thing is i was not on pre-payment meter but paid a regular monthly direct debit. After a discussion i was told i didnt owe them and they didnt owe me. Fair enough i was happy. Then in august 2006 i recieved a bill for gas used at my old address for £119.57 I immediatley rang them and was told not to worry its a mix up and i had no bill outstanding and that my final bill had been paid up to date. Yet again i came off the phone happy. December 2006 i recieved a letter from a debt collection agency trying to collect a debt of £119.57 on behalf of powergen, i rang powergen and was told this is my final bill, oh no sorry but your account is closed you wont hear from us again. slightly concerned but happy it was settled i came off the phone. January 2007 i receive another letter from a different debt collection agency demanding £119.57 to be paid in 7 days or bailiffs would be calling, i rang powergen who now tell me it is my bill from the last address and i did have to pay it, i explained what had happened and the said they are very sorry but that was it. I then checked my old bills and found they had estimated my winter quarter useage at £4.50! Totally unreasonable i think and i should have noticed at the time. I have spoken to powergen to express my dis belief of a 13month old bill being re issued after i had been told my account was settled and been offered a 10% discount. I refused it and said i was insulted by there offer. they have now offered a 20% discount on the bill which i am still not happy with but wonder if this is reasonable or am i well within my rights to hold out for more and what is the best way of doing this? I have opened a complaint with them and they seem more concerned about closing this complaint at the minute. Any help is much appreciated, thanks all and sorry for the long post!!
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