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  1. Thanks for your reply. Is it known that they do accept the monthly fee minus the admin charge?
  2. Hi everyone, it is a long time since I used this site, but would really appreciate some help and knew this would be the safe place to do so. It seems many others have been in a similar predicament. Joined Fit4Less in Halton, Leeds last summer. I was not really using it during Nov/Dec so cancelled the DD in mid December believing that I was under no contract terms as had taken a rolling monthly contract. I was away for a few days over new year and returned to a letter from Harlands requesting £16.99 missed payment and with a £20 charge slapped on for admin costs. This sounds ridiculous. Please could you advise as to what to do. Surely I shouldn't have to pay such a massive £20 charge? I have read some of the threads but am unsure of the success people are having in dealing with Harlands. I am a little anxious as feel I shouldn't pay it but don't want loads of debt collection letters. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, thought I'd update what's happened so far. I was given a substantial offer from HSBC which I chose to accept. It was a figure far greater than I could have imagined and all came from the questionnaire they sent me!!! I am now awaiting response from Santander, again from them contacting me. I haven't sent a single letter to complain! If there are in the wrong, they seem to now be being proactive!
  4. Reagrding HSBC Loan - telephoned them today and got some info - but not much and easier to get blood from the proverbial stone! Loan was paid off in Feb 07. I received a Loan Protection refund of £930, but would this be a refund for the remaining months of the loan that I paid off early rather than the months I had paid already? Surely they wouldn't refund what I'd paid previously as they wouldn't have done anything wrong in their eyes in 2007? Santander appear to admit I had PPI for 14 months between 2007 and 2008. They were very helpful to speak to. They said if I was to be found that PPI was missold then I'd get a refund plus 8%. Does this sound right? Thanks.
  5. do you think they'd have bothered if there wasn't a case to answer?
  6. Thanks. So if I give them to the end of next week to give me a decision. After that, the SAR will give me access to anything to do with the loan numbers I give them. Is this correct? I agree, it would seem to be that I did pay PPI having received the questionnaire. How can I prove to them I didn't know about it? Surely it's my work against theirs. It's a bit frustrating. Sorry for all the questions already! Just trying to get it straight so I can plan what I need to do.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. It is for two loans. My HSBC loan was taken out in 2004 and closed circa 2007. I have no documentation for this, but on a letter from HSBC since, they have included the loan numbers in the subject heading. I'm hoping that this gives me something to go on. I would never have been in touch about PPI had they not contacted me, but guess proving that I didn't know I'd accepted it is pretty difficult. I know not of how much PPI I ever paid. I'm hoping that HSBC sending the questionnaire is in some way an admission of guilt and I may get an offer in the next week. However, I must admit I am reluctant to trust what they are telling me. They may even come back and say that they have investigated and I'm due nothing. In which case, I'm tempted to escalate it myself. It's exactly the same issue for my Santander loan.
  8. Having heard a lot about PPI in the last few years, I was always tempted to find out some more information but never did so from believing I had not ever paid it. Back in April, I received a questionnaire from HSBC about PPI. This to me seemed like an admission of guilt in receiving the questionnaire alone. I duly filled it in and returned it. They said I would hear back in 8 weeks and i am due a response by Friday 15th June. I phoned them yesterday and no decision had been made yet, but that I would hear next week. Surely this is cutting it very fine. The more I think about it, the more annoyed I am about having paid this. Please could you tell me if the following factors make me a candidate for a claim: 1) I didn't know I paid any PPI 2) I have always been in a secure profession with a generous sick pay should it ever be required Then lo and behold, last week I had a different questionnaire from Santander! I'm really confused as to what's going on and if I'm in line for any refunds. Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated as this site was such a huge help when I reclaimed bank charges several years ago. Thank you!
  9. Hi there, I'm going to try and reclaim on my Abbeycard but I know they are now owned by Santander. Where do I send my data request to please and is there a template you can direct me to. Thanks.
  10. Hi there, I was wondering if someone would not mind giving me advice about getting my original cca from Capital One as i do not hold a copy. i have heard that i may be able to get my debt written off if the terms were not drawn up correctly pre 2007. My card was taken out around june 2005. Is there a template letter that you could point me towards please and is it likely that I have a case? This website has been very helpful in the past so i thank you in advance!!
  11. Hi, Had about £100 of charges on my Abbey Credit card. Am I right in my understanding that I can claim as credit cards are not on hold? Also, what are Abbey like to deal with? I think i will probably go for this! Thanks
  12. well i still have no statements and i still don't have a clue as to an exact amount. i dont know whether to guess! they really dug heels in about sending my statements!
  13. Thanks Steven. Should I send another SAR as its been a year or so?
  14. Hi there, I had a loan 3/4 years ago with HSBc and am pretty sure i had PPI. Is it worth me trying to find out if i was mis-sold insurance? I have no idea to be honest and I don't have a record of my loan agreements. Should I bother and if so where can I find the SAR? Thanks.
  15. Hi, I started this thread a long while ago and am aiming to get back on the case! GE eventually contacted me and siad they no longer held information on closed accounts. Lies probably! I would estimate that they owe me £300-£400 but i have no evidence without statements. Any advice on what I should do to get back onto them???
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