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  1. Thanks, it is very confusing, I am trying to get my head around everything
  2. I am not sure what rate of interest I can apply for as it doesn't state what interest rate i was charged
  3. Is the correct address where I send the letter please Legal Compliance Specialist Capital One Bank (Europe) plc Trent House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3HX
  4. Yes I am in England and my charges come to £688 without interest so I will just claim for that amount, is that correct?
  5. So i do not claim any interest at this point, just overlimit fees and late payment fees?
  6. Sorry, could someone also point me in the right direction for the spreadsheet to work out my charges and interest etc Thanks
  7. Right I have found the address where I need to send the letter Just been reading and it seems I can claim CCI too. There is no figure on my statements though showing what the interest is so how do I know what CCI to claim for Thank you
  8. I have now received my statements and worked out the charges which amounts to £688 Do I now just send off the second later stating that I am claiming £688 from them and just delete the bit about interest :-? Also do I send the letter to the same address as I sent the first letter? TIA
  9. Thanks, how do I work out what interest I am entitled to please
  10. Just received my credit card statements Is it correct I can only claim for the following Late Payment charges Overlimit fees Is there anything else? I am wanting to add them up and get it sorted Thank you
  11. Thank you, I have printed out the letters and will be posting them Monday
  12. Unfortunately we don't have any of the statements
  13. I have just paid off my credit cards (well my husbands) and we are thinking of claiming the interest etc back Can we do this and what are our chances Thank you
  14. I am new and am wondering whether it would be worth claiming against two credit card companies, Mint and Capital One Has anyone claimed against them and how was it? Also what exactly can I claim from them Thank you
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