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  1. Thanks alot KnellyK for the advice & wishes of good luck. Is the 8% on the total of charges? I havent done this due to the head ache of math & I feel I just want the money they owe without being greedy for every penny. Will keep all up to date, thanks agaon for any help. Cherry:)
  2. Hi all, so I gave the Abbey 7 day to refund full amount, to which I received a leter from them that was identical to the 1st ever letter I received "Sorry you had to complain, will look into it, will take 4 weeks" etc etc. So Monday I will be sending my N1 form in. Can some one just be clear with me as to what to send & who to? 1. N1 Form to Court with list of charges & fee Q's. Do I send any thing to the Bank telling them of what Ive done? The forum says take 3 photo copys? Does the Court then get in touch with myself & the bank, how long should I wait for a reply from either? Sorry about all the Q's but I was'nt very clear what the procedure was. Would be very grateful for any advice and as always will keep any other Abbey fans up to date. Cherry
  3. Yeah I agree! Ill wait for ever to see the rest just appear in my account, I think by sending the N1 form they willl know I mean it & hopefully pay up the rest? If I send the court cost off though, with the N1, will I get that back if they just credit my account again? I should be receiving some sort of letter surley? Thanks lillboy & any one elses 2 pennys worth. Chery leigh;)
  4. Thanks for responding earlier BB, just an update. Came home to no letter of explanation for 370.00 refund in my account (that is of 1,531.00 claiming) full & final settlement etc bla bla! So I rang the Abbey in India I think & spoke with Sabista who was obviously being coached through the whole conversation as after each question I was put on silent button. I asked why the money was there, she said "it was refunds for overpaid charges made against me" so I asked if I was getting the rest of the money that was owed to me, she said "she didnt know" I said she was a repersentative of the bank so should know or at least find out what is happening with my account, she said "I would be getting the rest of the money owed to me", I asked when? She didnt know! I asked "this month or next month" she said "no this month, I would receive the full amount owed to me". I know I should have asked for this in writing but I didnt & no longer had I put the phone down I thought that she was probaby giving me just a stalling tactic as there was no way I could prove what she said. So... deep breath what to do now? 1. Wait for letter explaining part refund then give them 7 days for reply to full amount 2. Wait for full refund into account 3. Send N1 form as this is due today 4. ??????? Any advice would be great & sorry for going on but want to share for any one else who has the simular happen to them - all information helps Im hoping?
  5. Couse it is, thanks!! Durr!! Thanks
  6. Thanks alot BB, this may be dumb but.... GOGW?? Sorry cant think what this may stand for?? - Probably real obvious
  7. Hey all, Im just about to send my N1 form telling the Abbey that Im taking them to court now but have just noticed they have credited my account with £370 - I am claiming £1,531.00. Not sure what to do, Im not happy to take it as hush money. Should I contact the bank or tell the court in my N1 form ??. Any advice appreciated.
  8. Cheers guys for all your help. Will keep you all posted once i have some proper time to get it all down. Sent my LBA today so will wait to hear from that, thats if i do even hear from them. Thanks again Cherry
  9. Thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciate both of your help but I am having a little trouble trying to get into the thread I think" I have created & the chat room ( i cant seem to type anything, can just only read what others are saying). Can you help with this so I can get on. Cherry is not my real name & I have found the links you sent really usefull. Thanks again & look forward to getting to know my way around this forum. Cherry
  10. Big thanks to Rooster & Bitingback for thier replys to my first time in the forum. I will type up a quick sumery of my process with the Abbey to try help others & to hopefully get some advice my self. Thanks for now. (ps. Checking this is going to work 1st - lol)
  11. Hello to everyone, this is my ist time post so basically just wanted to say hello. I am trying to redeem moneys from The Abbey of £1530.50. I have sent my 1st letter & received a response saying they would look into it (at no cost to me lol) & reply in 4 weeks? The 14 days are up as of today so am just prepairing my LBA. I am ready to go to court should I have to but am petrified I dont really know what im talking about, the jargon & legislations just confuse me so much - can someone act on your bahalf in Court, who knows how to word things & knows with out a doubt what they mean? Any help now or in the future would be much appreciated.
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