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  1. I've been away for a while marking exams, so have just found out about the CAG picnic. London's about 75miles away but I'll be there. Love the T shirts idea as well. Sounds like a brilliant idea, looking forward to it.
  2. Hi jster, Thought I'd follow up on your thread as I am likely to be in the same boat as you soon. I understand how you feel, every letter I send makes me nervous too. Good luck with the court you will win.
  3. Can anyone help with my previous post 25th April? Does 'bump' mean that the previous message has been put through again? What is a POC? If it is something I should have already read, please could you put a link so I can do so? What is a Trackback?
  4. I have started a claim for statements in my posession which go back to 1996, these amount to over £9K. I was a nervous about this especially in the SCC however this includes 8% interest so I have gone for it.
  5. I had letters sent via a debt collection agency for ebay, I didn't really understand how ebay worked, however I do now. I will never use ebay again. Also on the subject of DCA TMobile continued to ask me for payment even though I had cancelled my phone. They said I had not used my number which I had asked them for 'a transfer number'? however I decided I would rather have a new number on my new phone, therefore my contract was still running!? I had the DCA call me and want me to give confirmation details over the phone, of course being 'smart' I wanted information from them as to why they were calling me. In the end the lady became very annoyed 'well it's your credit reference that will suffer' was the final comment before I hung up. I agree do not talk to DCA's on the phone.
  6. Hi, Well I had a letter from the Woolwich today offering Full and Final settlement against my LBA; completely unacceptable. Now I am a little unsure, I expect I still give them the 14 days since my recorded delivery letter or do I write thank them for their 'kind' offer and decline and still take it 14 days plus 2 for postage? Is there a letter to do this which I can copy? I have found LETTER 1 'Response to settlement letter' is that the one I should use? I am a bit concerned as my initial £4900 which I requested has increased to £9600 since I backdated for 10 years opposed to the original 6 years. (Sounds foolish now but at the time a move to the country, new house, bigger mortgage, looking after two young children, (with all that entailed childminders etc)husband working 90 miles away coming home at weekends how did we get in such a mess?) However I will not dwell on things past, just look to the future and reclaim my rights. Would it be possible to make this into two claims to keep it in the small claims court? Maybe half for me, and then the other half for my husband? A little time left but would appreciate some advice soon to help me get organised. Just a couple of points which I would also like to mention, I did not need to ask for statements as I had all of those, will these all need to be sent to the court? Can I block out all the payees on these? Many thanks to all who have helped me so far. I have been reading threads.
  7. Hi Delboy01, Just found your thread, made interesting reading especially as I have started a claim against the Woolwich. However mine is for a joint account of £9K (do you think they may halve it so each will come within the SCC?) Sent LBA and received Full and Final offer today. Oh well on to the next letter. Will follow your thread to its wonderful, bountiful conclusion. Magpie3
  8. Welcome Kat, Great advice and support on this forum. Just stick to your deadlines. Good Luck (not really needed)
  9. Thanks for the look at your court letter, that will be my next line when the 14 days are up. It reads fine to me, but I am not experienced so hope someone will check it out for you. Good luck with your claim.
  10. Well the LBA's have been sent. I have 14 days to wait and then proceed to the court. The amounts being claimed back has gone up considerably since I found statements going back to 1996. We have two claims a joint account and my husband's current account which is really our bills account. Hope they are fed up of going all the way to court and decide to cough up immediately, although I do not hold out much hope for that to happen. It is good to read all the other threads because I know I am not alone.
  11. I have a joint openplan account and my husband has a current account. When the offer came through after our initial letter Woolwich addressed the letter to my husband only and included both amounts in the offer. Is this a ploy to annoy do you think? Should I still put in separate LBA's. Would it be ok to carry on the joint account in my name and my husband to claim on his himself?
  12. Thanks for the change. I couldn't find me on the forum at first but eventually did. It's great to have people who know what they are doing.
  13. I still am not sure what to do. I was considering crossing out full and putting part settlement. Have you asked anyone else? I also could do with the money, as usual. Hope you collect all.
  14. Hi Bigmac versus, From reading other threads this would seem the most apt: Magpie3 v Woolwich. Thanks for your help.
  15. Hi, Just to let you know I've sent a letter to Ms Wade, I hope my support adds to the weight. Magpie3
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