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  1. I am claiming for charges + lost interest as a result. I put each of the charges into the calculator on Money saving expert and it worked out the 8% interest for each charge depending on how long ago the charge was. My claim to the court is for a total of £3120.54 (this is for both charges and interest) I thought that I could also apply 8% interest on the whole amount until the court made a ruling. So would that mean i can add 8% from the the day it went to the county court upto the ruling - which looks like it will be January time??
  2. My claim has been stayed by the courts and i understand that i can charge interest on my claim at 8% per day until judgement. 1) is this sum correct: 3120.54 X 0.00022 = 0.6865188p (round up to 69p per day)?? 2) When does this interest start to apply? 3) How long can i keep adding it on for? Thanks for your help..
  3. My claim like all the others has been stayed by the court pending the test case. Am i right i thinking that while ever my case is stayed i can keep adding the 8% interest onto the amount until judgement of my claim?
  4. It is the Doncaster court. Barclays put their defence in on day 26 of 28. Sounds about right from Barclays after reading this forum.
  5. My claim has been transfered to my local court now. I received the letter transfering my claim last Saturday (9 days ago). how long is it normally before the court date comes through?
  6. Thanks for the advise, i didn't want to ring them and them be like 'so what' kind of thing... All 5 sets have just been sent through the normal postal service, the first 4 were well sealed envelopes no real problem. This set didn't have a covering letter and the envelope was the cheapest they culd have found. I will get on to the phone to them and complain.
  7. One side of the envelope was ripped 90% of the way down and the other side had a rip in from the corner to the middle of the envelope where my name and address is
  8. Can anyone offer any advise on the below please: I have this morning received my 5th set of bank statements through the post, I have made my claim through claim online over a week ago so i really don't need these. However, the main problem I have is the state in which they arrived, the envelope was literally falling to piece's. The post man was just about having to hold the pages in the envelope. As the envelope hit the floor that was it the pages spilt everywhere. Now these pages have all my details on, account number, sort code address etc. What is the bestthing to do??
  9. Hi Guys, Just in the process of claiming back against Barclays. They owe me £3120 and i have had an offer through for £1999. Decided to turn this down and proceed to claim the full amount. I have just been on Money Claim Online and entered all my details. Fingers crossed time now - I hope all goes through smoothly. I will let you know how i get on as it progresses. :)
  10. Hi guys, I have now received my statements and have totalled up the amount they owe me. I have now sent letters to my local branch and Barclays Data Protection in knutsford. Who do i send my initial letter to asking for my money back??? is it local branch, Data Protection place or head office?? Thanks in Advance.
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