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  1. hiya subpop my sar was replied to within the 40 days chq was returned no charge for data sent letter requesting charges back they replied within 10 days saying looking into it, then money paid direct into my account just keep checking your account the money will appear before the letter regards spuddy
  2. thanks im now getting brave and going to take on credit card company!!! just hope they pay up as quick and easy as the coop regards shell
  3. well thanks everybody today i recieved 2591.96 from the coop i really couldn't of done it without you all i did was ask for list of charges then requested them back and got them !!!!!! thanks again:D
  4. well i recieved a nice letter with list of default charges and my chq bank as this data is provided foc. sent my second letter asking for refund of £3166.96 yesterday, shell
  5. i have just sent asking for statements chq not cashed
  6. well its now been a month and i not heard anything from the co-op bank any ideas anybody?
  7. just looking through some old bank statements some have debit interest on them some have service charge and some have daily excess charge and some have commisson can i claim all of these back?
  8. thanx for that how long was it before you heard back?
  9. thanks for your encouragement ive sent my letter to balloon st manchester hope i sent it to the right place
  10. well i've just sent my letter requesting details of charges for past six years so wish me luck
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