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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I can scan it but not sure how to insert in so you can view it?
  3. I have received a PCN for "31J Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited". at 09.17 on 20/09/2007 I would like to challenge this, however am not sure whether my points would make my challenge successful so would be grateful for any advice/assistance anyone can give. Firstly, this is a route I often take, I stop at the junction indicate to turn right and when the lights change turn right driving through the junction box. On this particular morning I do remember going through the lights on amber which due to the traffic at this junction means you are actually in the box longer, however the traffic was moving quite freely, until I made my right turn on entering the road, the car in front stopped due to the lights ahead changing so I slowed down considerably, and slowly moved forward to a stop. Ok in the CCTV picture my back wheels are on the junction box, but I was actually still moving forward (granted very slowly, rolling) to join the traffic in front, which had now come to a halt due to the lights being red. My second point, - on the actual PCN the "Date of this Notice:" section has not been dated, so I don't actually know when the 14 days starts. If someone could assist with this I would be grateful. If its from the date of the contravention, I received the PCN on Saturday 20th Oct, so my 14 days would already be up. If it's not, how am I suppose to know when my 14/28 days are up. Do councils have a time limit to issue a PCN? Have they exceeded this time limit, if so is the ticket still Valid. I have 2 photos from the CCTV one of the full vehicle and one of the back reg No. Taken 2 seconds apart.
  4. Hi Everyone, Today I checked my account and found I had been charged £75.00 (commission) for 3 transactions on the same day totalling £38.41 which took me over my overdraft limit. (I had enough funds in my account when the transactions took place, or they would have been authorised in the store). I contacted the bank to try to get them to pay me my £75.00 back, basically they refused, however they did offer to increase my overdraft by £120.00 as long as I paid it back at £20.00 a month. They said that because I had, had a goodwill gesture payment of my previous charges they couldn't refund these charges. However, they were happy to take off the additional £20.00 overdraft charge as it hadn't hit my account yet. Magic!!!! So basically, they stole my money, causing me hardship and putting me in debt, as now I can't pay other bills due, and knowing this, are offering to assist me out of my hardship and debt by offering to put me in more debt and monthly payment hardship Wonderful!!!... I will be claiming my £75.00 back make no mistake about that. Has anyone else had this experience?
  5. Thanks Essence, will do. I get that feeling also, anyone in a similar position?
  6. That's interesting, I have a feeling that the FOS is trying to clear as many cases as possible and are actually not pushing for interest. My case should have been settled before the test case annoucement, but because they were getting so busy, it was passed over to someone else to deal with and now this is the response. Did you claim contractual interest? Was the £2k including the interest?
  7. Hi everyone, I have a claim currently with the FOS, which I passed to them after LLoyds offered me a goodwill settlement of £750.00. My claim was for charges (£2040.00) and contractual interest. I received a letter from FOS, stating that Lloyds was willing to offer me £1305.00 in settlement. No interest. This offer I refused. A week ago I received a phone call from FOS, who informed me of the OFT test case and how this would affect me. I was basically told that the last offer actually included the £750 which together would cover the total charges owed. I was informed that if I still wanted to go for the interest I would have to wait until the test case was complete and I would probably end up worst off because the judge may agreed a set amount e.g. £5.00 and then the banks would only pay out the amount of each charge above £5.00. Plus the Judge may not order the banks to pay interest. I have now just received my letter from FOS outlining the offer, with only 7 days to respond. I am very tempted to accept, but am also quite annoyed that in doing so, the bank will be allowed to keep any interest it has been making on my money. I think the FOS should at least encourage the banks to pay some interest. Anyone have any ideas how I can presume this. Dilemma!!!!! I feel like we are still being ripped off, the establishment, e.g FOS, Courts, OFT are all pandering to the Banks rather the consumer. Does the post office still do current accounts?
  8. Are they sure they have the right accounts, I cannot understand how a company can have so much payments outstanding and not at any time contact the customer to let them know or even to demand payment. These days every company is now ringing their customers even when one months payment is outstanding. Sounds very suspicious to me, I suggest everyone in this situation check their account details thoroughly, then check them against the account details Demon are actually using/quoting. If you find an error, don't tell them wait until you go to court then sting the fools for their incompetence.
  9. Everyone make some noise, it's because of the strength of us consumers that we have gotten this far. If we make enough noise, they will realise we are no longer prepared to take any more of their rubbish, exploitation and will expose their games. Send in your evidence We need your Terms and Conditions NOW. Past and present, anything that could be relevant. Particularly in need of T & Cs for Yorkshire Bank Please send to: [email protected] oup.co.uk
  10. "Banks join OFT in test case to establish legal clarity on overdraft fees" Wonderful,!!! It’s taken them almost 2 years to get their finger out. Personally, I'm not impressed. I don't trust the Banks or the OFT. “banks have joined with the OFT to approach the courts for a ruling on this issue” For all we know the establishment may have decided this is the only way to get themselves out of this mess, its costing them lots of money now. Just look like you're working for the victim, don't win the case, the court rules in favour of the banks and we don't get a penny back. Also it’s not just overdraft fees we are all claiming, its also late payment fees, bounced cheque fees, unpaid DD fees. So what's happening about those claims already in progress with the court, FOA etc. Plus, are the banks going to now have evidence of how they have come to the figures they charge to prove they are not unfair and reasonable. Or is the court only going to decide how the Act should be Interpreted. (on the side of the banks of course)
  11. Sounds to me like this Company are in total confusion, I suggest you get confirmation in writing from 1st Credit that the account has been cleared. What date it was cleared etc. If you end up going to court, you will want proof.
  12. Hi Everyone, I'll keep this as short as I can, I started my claim in Feb 07, sent my LBA in Mar 07, then it got complicated LTSB made we a silly offer, but then said they would deduct the amount from my debt with them. So I passed my claim over to the financial Ombusman. Whom have dealt with my claim quite quickly, kept me informed of progress etc. They requested various evidence from LTSB, funny enough they have now come back with an improved offer and I assumed have not provided the evidence. Okay, my claim is for over £4,000 including contractual interest. LTSB have made an offer of £1,350. Without interest the amount owed is £1,943. Can anyone answer my questions. 1. When does the 6 years start, I am going by the date I sent the 1st letter. (not the DPA letter). Is this correct. 2. I want to reject the claim, and either go for the full amount or reject the claim and go for interest as well, has anyone done this via the Ombusman, and better still has anyone been successful, claiming with interest that is?
  13. Thanks everyone, Kazzie I have read your thread, I'll PM you and I think I need to contact GaryH. I haven't don't my court claim as yet so I may be able to avert the same thing happening to me. Lloyds, are the worst they deliberately encourage debt and even when you let them know you are in hardship, they prolong everything just to ensure you incur as much extra charges as possible. They alsohave a habit of sending you letters which are about one week old.
  14. Hi everyone, What is it with Lloyds why they have to be so difficult!!? I have just received a reply to my LBA letter, stating they are going to pay me £750 in full and final settlement. I owe them on my credit card and current account. I am claiming charges deducted from my current account. The debt are being paid off via an arrangement with the consumer credit council. The problem is Lloyds have stated they will deduct the £750 from my debt, however my total claim is over $5,000 (this includes contractual interest) and for 6 years charges. I want to now start my court claim. What do I do? Should I send the reject offer letter and then start the claim for the full amount. Also, do I now need to include information relating to my debt. Even though I felt reclaiming my charges would allow lloyds to deduct the amount from my debt I am quite annoyed about this as I have other debts and feel the money should be divided equally between all my creditors. Anyone got any advise?
  15. Fantastic, wish I had known this before, I have already sent my LBA for the last 6 years just completing my NI to commence court proceedings. So what's the best way to deal with this, should I wait and request statements prior to the 6 years? or continue with my 6 year claim? which includes contractual interest by the way. Imagine at this rate I could afford a deposit on a house!!!!
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