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  1. i am still waiting for the older statement for one of my accounts. this morning, i have spent time looking for these answers, but am struggling to find them: the yourkshire bank charge an initial charge for going overdrawn (between £20 - £25 depending on when it occurred) and then a further charge per day (£6-£8 depending on when it occurred). So, are both of these the charges i should highlight up? or is it just the initial charge? next question is: can someone link to the spreadsheet to apply the charges calculations? i have looked in the libraries section, but to no avail
  2. got the rest of the statements today. bumping this thread for some serious help. help!
  3. right - now we are getting somewhere. received part of my requested statements (only going back until August 2005 so far). is it usual for them to send it in seperate installments? anyway, whilst i wait for the rest, should i be highlighting the offending bank charges on the statements? i am not sure how to go about it, any advice for a total novice? thanks, joe.
  4. thanks looks like i have to cancel my appoinmtment with RBS due to work, but at least i am confident that i can contuinue as planned.
  5. yes, sorry, i can get a new account set up (as you say - a parachute is always a good idea) but should i transfer all my direct debits and get my wages paid into the new one etc..? ie. would this cause any confusion in the future regarding my claim. i want to speak to them about setting up an ISA as well, but can leave the 'switching' until a later date.
  6. another question i could do with help with: i was going to close my accounts down with yorkshire, and switch all my stuff to the RBS. is this advisable when making a claim such as this, or should i wait until its all over? i have an appointment with the RBS tomorrow to chat about transferring, should i cancel and wait a while?
  7. hello everyone - i am about to undergo the procedures to recailm the charges on my accounts. from what i have read, my first step is to calculate the total i wish to claim back i have 2 accounts with the yorkshire bank (both of which i will be claiming on) will i have to pay £10 for each of the account statements i request? i assume so - but thought best to ask before sending a cheque for £20 if it only has to be £10
  8. hi - i'm new as well. just looking at the forums and trying to see how difficult this is going to be. i am waiting on a call from a local solicitor who i think deals with these cases. is it advisable to go it alone, or would legal help just make the process less likely to hurt my brain? i am with the Yorkshire Bank - the charges they have punished me with are horrific! ps - sorry for hijacking your thread Mrsshufflebottom6, thought i may as well use this than clutter the rest of the forum
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