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  1. Mmm, Hillards I can't really comment as I haven't contacted mine yet, I'll et you know how I get on!! It may be more to do with the MP's rather than the parent's gender. I just wish the CSA worked in the way it should for all parents! Good luck....
  2. Thanks for your replies...Hillards, I do hope things are sorted out for you soon... Andie, thanks for this info, I'll set the ball rolling & write a letter.. Thanks again Princess
  3. Hi ohoh4312, thanks for your reply. Yes, that is it I think except 'gang leader' is pocketting the tax money & not paying it at all. Thanks again so much for your time on this... Princess..x
  4. Hi, Has anyone involved their local MP in their CSA case? I'm owed thousands by my ex-husband, I just wondered how much preparation you need to do before a meeting. I've got all of my paper records from the CSA, although trying to make sense of a lot of them isn't easy! Thanks Princess
  5. Hi, Thanks for all of your replies...ohoh4312, thanks so much for your offer (I haven't had time to respond since, I really appreciate it!) but things have changed somewhat in the last few days & not for the better....it seems now when we go back through my son's bank statements the 'gang leader' he was working for paid him directly from his own account so he hasn't paid any tax on those earnings, my son has no way of proving he should've done either. The second, much bigger problem is that I've already added a figure to his tax return including this money so now it will show he's earnt without paying tax..(although he's still well below his personal allowance for that year) ..can I also amend his earnings in a letter of amendment (possibly saying I'd made a mistake) without any repercussions? I'm really worried so any advice would be appreciated, Thanks Princess (ohoh4312 I'm glad you like my name!!)
  6. Hi thanks for your replies. Yes it is 07/08 figures..I didn't think he would get a P60 as he's self employed?
  7. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum, I apologise if not! The background to this problem: My son was working under the CICS Scheme (I think that's what it's called?) as a plasterer, he paid his own N.I stamp but his boss paid 22% tax from his earnings. I filled out my son's self assessment online & made a mistake (I hadn't ever done one) I didn't fill out the section about how much tax he's paid, I thought we only had to tell them what he'd earned so they could work out his rebate. Now the Tax Office say in order for him to receive his rebate we have to write a 'letter of amendment' stating how much tax my son has paid, right done to the last penny. Unfortunately he's worked for more than one company (although always in the same 'gang') & lost a lot of his paperwork (as teenagers do!) however when I asked the Tax Office if they knew how much tax he'd paid they said no, they have no record of it? I find this a little bit difficult to believe, if I put a figure in this letter of amendment how would they cross reference that amount if they have no record? If they don't have a record does anyone know how I can find out how much tax he's paid, who would I need to contact? I simply can't believe the Tax Office have no knowledge of how much tax he's paid, I could write any figure I wanted in the letter it seems. Any advice/knowledge would be reallly appreciated as he really needs this money!.. Thanks..Princess
  8. Hello, I am a single parent of two teenagers. When my son turned 18 last year I had to start paying full council tax and lost my single persons 25% discount, I don't receive any council tax benefit. My question is now my son is unemployed can I put the council tax bill in both of our names and can he then claim council tax benefit in his own right for his 'portion' of the bill? I hope this makes sense?! :-? Thanks
  9. Hello Kerrie, Dons & Steven, thank you for all of your replies, they're very helpful! I have sent letter to my local tax office & tax credits head office. The tax credits helpline chap actually asked me where I'd heard about any possible refund as they hadn't advertised it or informed any claimants of it! A good reason to state if they do try & enforce any deadline for applying?! Thanks again...P..
  10. Hello, could I just ask please when you mention in your threads 'your local office' is that your tax office? I've just discovered this & I'm frantically trying to write a letter & ring round! Thanks.....
  11. Hi Buzby, Thanks for your response. I'm appealing as several houses in my road are the same if not bigger & on a lower banding, I'm E they're D. The house wasn't empty at all, as soon as my Dad died I moved in. However at that time as I was on Income Support I didn't take much notice of the bandings & the difference between mine & several neighbours. I wondered really whos' if anyones responsibilty it would be to inform me of the six month rule once the house was mine.
  12. Hi, I hope I'm in the right section, apologies if not! This Thursday I'm due to go to a tribunal. I have tried to appeal against the council tax banding of my house, they're insisting on enforcing the six month rule. The tribunal is to try & get the six month ruling revoked to enable me to then appeal against my banding. I'm appealing on the grounds that I didn't buy my property, the ownership was transferred to me when my Dad died in 2005. In addition to this at the time I didn't pay Council Tax as I was on income support, although the bills were in my name. Has anyone else either attended a tribunal re; six month ruling or have any information on how new house owners are made aware they can appeal their banding within six months. IE: should I have been informed when I became the new owner that the banding could be challenged? Thanks in advance for any info!
  13. Hi Could anyone help me on this one please? My 14yr old daughter yesterday stupidly got caught shoplifting. Her 2 'friends' ran off, she had to tell the police what had happened and signed her statement in his notebook. The supermarket worker said that the policeman would represent her 'parental figure'....does anyone know if this is correct? We have to go to the Police Station tomorrow to fill out forms & i'd like to know where we stand...also can i expect them to try & take her DNA? Any advice or help would be appreciated! Thanks
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