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  1. Runk, Thanks for that pice of info. What i do know is that he did not get any anti-virus programs UNTIL after the laptop started getting virus (many of them). Hand on heart i know he didn't gamble it away. What you have said is actually pretty worrying if it is that easy. Thanks to all
  2. hI, Just to let you know, that HSBC have offered 85% of my claim which is 791.35 which i have accepted and the money was in the bank within a week. seve
  3. Hi Bally35, yes i totally understand that this story sounds v.odd and difficult to believe. I only know the basics of the story which i have told above, there maybe finer details that he has not told me, but he has without doubt 5k that has gone from his bank a/c and which he did not authorise.
  4. Hi PKea, The bank told him the time he mentioned to me last night. The laptop was at home. they are in the process of moving so he hadn't used for approx 4 weeks as they are not at the address where is b/band was registered.
  5. As i have said i know it sounds odd, but whoever did it did gain this info including his mother maiden name!! I know he hasn't done it i was with him when the first transaction was done (2100 hrs on a saturday night). I don't which to offend but i am trying to get advise on the situation not the rights or wrongs or how and who did it rgds
  6. I know it sounds odd i have thought that already, But i do know my brother-in-law and he is a honest guy. However they have done it, they have gained info from somewhere that has enabled them to transfer money from his bank account to his bookmaker a/c and spend that money. Even the bookies have admitted that all the bets were alot larger than normal and betted on things that he never bets on. He thinks the info was gained from his computer mainly because he had a lot of virus problems a couple of months ago. thanks
  7. Hi to everyone. Can someone give me some advice please or redirect to another forum. Heres the story, it seems that someone/person have hacked into my brother-in-laws laptop and gained info on his bank account and betting account. They have transfered a large amount of cash ( 5k approx) from his bank account to his bookmakers account and gambled the money (all of it!). The bank are saying that they are not liable and the bookmakers are saying the same. He has reported it to the police and spoken to a solicitor but it they have said he is on weak ground. This is the story as i know it. can anyone give me any advice on where he stands or what course of action he could take. Thanks Seve
  8. Hi, Claimed 931.00 settled two weeks ago for 791.00 money in my bank after seven days. Easy now having ago with Lloyds/tsb bank and credit card It only took two letters (prelim and LBA) before they made the offer Thanks to all seve
  9. seve

    Lyods TSB

    Thanks nicsussex, Is that same address for Lloyds Tsb credit cards??
  10. seve

    Lyods TSB

    Hi, I am about to send my SAR to TSB, I had two bank account with TSB but at different branches. Do i send one SAR or two and do i send to TSB head office or local branch. Thanks
  11. Thanks, sorry to be a pain but the accounts were with seperate branches does that matter?
  12. Thanks, One other thing. I also starting to claim against other Banks/credit card. If i have more than one bank account with the same bank. Do i send two requests and £20.00 or one request £10.00? Thanks
  13. Hi, I am juist sending my letter before action of today, The bank responded to my first letter at the end of March. How important is it that i have taken so long to reposnd with my LBA (about 4 weeks) Thanks Seve
  14. Thanks for that, Just a couple of other things, i got my statements from the internet, they just state charge but if i click on the charge it says the description i.e "Card Misuse", is it best to state the description or just state "charge" and is card misuse claimable. thanks
  15. Hi, I have got a list of my charges and about to send the prelim letter with list of charges, this sounds a silly question, butb do i send to HSBC head office or my local branch, does this matter or not?? Thanks
  16. Thanks for that, i have ready read most of that so far, still a bit to go. I have found out my charges from the internet, do i send a prelim letter to my local branch or head office. or does it matter?? Thanks
  17. Hi, Just a qick note to say hello to everyone on the Forum. i have just joined. Could someone please advise on there view about reclaiming bank charges whilst the account has been passed onto a debt collection agency thanks
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