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  1. Different retailers may negociate different amounts.
  2. I think the "if they knew I was doing it,why didn't they stop me," argument would be laughed out of court in most cases. Its been said many,many times before. The shop presumably has a till clearly displayed for the customer to pay? The shop most likely has shopping baskets for the customer to place goods in. If we are talking about cases of people accidentally walking out with goods,not deliberately concealed,that is a different sitauation,although the intent has to be proved.
  3. They probably use it for civil recovery on their staff. Security contractors do have to have criminal record checks carried out on them.But like anyone, comvictions are classed as "spent" after a period of time.
  4. The royal mail show the address of the E4 postcode for TSS as both 483-485 and 479. An accountant and IFA called Gardezi Jay and co are also shown at 485.
  5. Why do you shop at Tesco if you think Aldi is better?
  6. Don't know.Has he/she been accused of being an rlp spy yet? By those "In the know?"
  7. Quote Emmarev "If you did steal or even mistakenly walked out with the items without paying.... it makes no difference to the guards. If it was a genuine mistake, you were still committing theft in their eyes and while you may be telling the truth about your forgetfullness... they cant decide that. When I worked in retail, I arrested 15 people plus a day... if I listened to all their excuses, I'd have let them all off and lost my job. So please bear this in mind if that's the case. (sounds harsh but i really am trying to help.)" Last week my daughter took £10 from my handbag while I was out. When I asked her about it,although she claimed she borrowed it to get a taxi to work after her car wouldn't start (true) and that she would have mentioned it when she got home,I just knew that it was my Civic Duty to call the Police. I thought it was not my place to make that kind of descision,as to whether she was telling the truth or not,but that I would let THEM decide if it WAS theft,or not. Thank goodness for procedure :rolleyes:You see it was written down somewhere and I always blindly follow rules without question.You see if I "listened" to her "excuses" what kind of a person would I be? Emmarev,all you seem to be bothered about is YOU and yours losing their jobs,not about the dubious nature of your actions and the effect on someone of them being unjustly accused.Arrest is a very very serious matter and never one to be taken lightly,it is not a game.
  8. Ha.I have also heard a number of people "accidentally" get an sia licence-now THAT is a crime,as the govt is usually footing the £500 quid a time bill!
  9. Contract companies dont have arrest targets because the losses are high. Companies have arrest targets because some bright spark decided it was a way of measuring if the staff are doing their jobs properly,in order to keep the Boots contract.They are in effect saying,"if they can catch x number of people then they must be good at their job" Unfortunately if you say,"You must catch three people a week",you only make people have to prove that on paper,but either someone can spot 3 people a week stealing or they can't. If they can't ,or three people don't steal,you are forcing the staff to make it up .You shouldn't be part of that.find a decent company. Arrest targets are immoral and unethical.
  10. the victims charter is out of date, about 8 years,it has been superseded,even so no-one can find the laws you quote discoverylady.
  11. Emmarev you are not a security trainer,they are thick,but not that thick..... and no security person arrests 15 people day,yet in another post you say you have 200 arrests a year-thats not adding up..If you were good at your job you would not feel the need to brag with numbers,its always a giveaway.. You say it makes no difference to the guards if someone mistakenly walks out with something,that this is still theft! No its not theft if it was accidental.You are worrying me.. The sia course is a joke I believe,something that could be passed by barely trained monkeys.
  12. If your partner was left in a room on her own,was there anything from stopping her leaving then,if there was no one with her? Just interested as this is a terrible case.
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