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  1. there will be a hearing for my application for a stay to the case will be taking place early sept! heres the reply i got from the solicitors, they are being particularly wriggly at some points:D Putfile - Uploaded Picture Putfile - Uploaded Picture Putfile - Uploaded Picture I think in paragraph 9's reply relating to insurance matters, they have forgotten/ignored facts stated in the previous 8! what should i be concentrating on for this hearing?? im pretty scared about it, its like being asked into the boss' office!
  2. yes, and i agree strongly, however i felt that those other points needed to be made, as i got the impression some people were expecting a turbo to last longer than it was designed to.
  3. here we go again=p It is ordered that: This action be allocated to the small claims track. The claim be adjourned for one month for mediation. The judge has considered that your case is suitable for mediation and you are therefore invited to use the free small claims mediation service. Please contact the court mediator - xxxxxx on xxxxxxxxx Dated 02 august 2007 so chances are they've made this descision before they got the amended defence or application for a stay, plus complaint to the ombudsman! the date in top right corner is 6th, does this mean they've taken my applications into account or not?
  4. hehe thanks dude:) back to waiting and being thankful for your presence;)
  5. sorted!!!! and it only took 45 minutes to change the printer cart:rolleyes:
  6. hehe, im going to need to hijack a friends printer, i'm officially out of ink after sending the last few letters in red/pink=) i gots one more noobish question:oops: Do i need to send a copy of the fee waiver with each application?
  7. identical in every way for all intents and purposes:) i shall go befuddle them with my confusiness
  8. Got a letter from court today, says "please find enclosed a copy of the claimant's reply to the amended defence for your information." Does this mean i dont need to apply to amend the defence i already amended, and should just get on with applying to amend the current amendment? do i need to do anything with the application notice atall?=) should i enclose the form for exemption from fees with this request?? That's a legendary piece of work dude, i just want to do it justice by delivering it correctly!!
  9. yeah=) is that a bad thing? Thats just a sample, the rest are the same but i have a collection of different dates.. i cant find any original default notices right now, even if i do still have any
  10. Why i do believe they demand a remedy do you think they were asking for paracetemol then? scan in 5 mins
  11. yeah it is, i just removed the signature to protect my identity.. saw other people doing it so thought to chop it out=)
  12. That did cross my mind hehe although i dont see them filling in any form to reply to my defence either:D
  13. success!!! Putfile - Uploaded Picture 1 Putfile - Uploaded Picture 2 Putfile - Uploaded Picture 3 Putfile - Uploaded Picture 4
  14. yes you're quite right, im a fully qualified bum atm=) i also booked in at the doctors today, will be getting checked out tomorrow and hopefully referred to a back doctor of sorts. I'll scan the letter and see how it looks, and then probably type it myself. It does make interesting reading. be back soon, for now i must go and be ill:(
  15. hehe that postal service:D the credit card application forms all make it dont they:p got a letter from the powers that be today, now they've sent me Application notice N244, with a covering letter stating: Your letter dated 23 July 2007 has been placed before the deputy district judge who directs that; "Defendant must issue an application for leave to amend his defence." I await the filing of my application together with relevant fee. Now correct me if im wrong, but didnt the letter preluding my defence do the same job?? the form they sent is pretty vague, says applying for orders, not about "leave to amend my defence" Sechiari Clark and mitchell wrote too.. their communicae is more complicated, including a reply to amended defence... They insist in their covering letter that there are no charges levied on me, yet in their statement of account which i forwarded to court in my amended defence they are now claiming that i supplied it:o they say that the insurance is nothing to do with them or black horse, and that i should contact them myself... reading the miniscule text at the bottom of insurance paperwork, it clearly (LOL) states that the policy is underwritten by lloyds tsb general insurance ltd and states their address:) arent black horse just a front for lloyds then:???: they've rejected my offer of settlment at £2.50 a month/week I'll type or scan it up later when i have a little more time, however the general theme seems to be "If you're going to claim on the insurance please contact us to let us know and get on with it, otherwise we'll apply for judgment as you're wasting our time" or in their own words... "your defence shows no realistic prospect of success" I'm quite miffed with this court system, its supposed to be done in a way that laymen can understand, and im about as lay as they come in law, and im pretty lost. their forms and advice are useless without your help.. Im not sure of my ability to claim on their insurance as it states i must be receiving regular treatment, which i was unable to do due to lack of funds and misadvice!! My guess is to write lloyds and ask them for a claim form and see where it goes, am i right??
  16. Is that legal? i thought copies had to be sent to all parties:confused:
  17. i think you chose right, it all fits perfectly:) i amended the defence last night by recorded delivery too now if i think right now its a waiting game again?
  18. its an Allocation Questionnaire (small claims track) at the bottom its numbered N149=)
  19. ok i'll send the settlment offer today and amend defence officially tomorrow=) I bumped into my GP today at the shop and brought up my problems with him in public, he said to book an appointment with him:) maybe i wont need to change doctors after all when i amend my defence, do i need to fill out the counterclaim form they gave me too?? thanks again tom:)
  20. Just when i thought it couldnt get any better!:o ok do i send this aswell as the letter to the solicitors or shall i abandon that in favour of this??
  21. yeah the image resizing options didnt seem to work:oops: i'll edit them to be links instead:) That is a brilliant letter tom, i really dont know what i'd be doing without you in this case:)
  22. great tip, thanks:) atlast some prgoress!! i have a friend in sweden who hosted my pics for free!! http://goto.glocalnet.net/maximilian/CA1.jpg http://goto.glocalnet.net/maximilian/CA2.jpg http://goto.glocalnet.net/maximilian/CA3.jpg http://goto.glocalnet.net/maximilian/CA4.jpg
  23. Heres the PPP details (no thanks to lexmark) Putfile - Uploaded Picture Putfile - Uploaded Picture Just checked them, and i cant read them=( is there a better image hosting site or could u pm me your email addy so i can send you a legible copy?
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