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  1. Some people arent " cant pays " or " wont pays" but " already have bloody paids" and are being pursued for debts made up entirely of illegal charges and interest on those charges . Let me ask you a question Mr. DCA guy ....would you pay nearly £1000 for a £200 loan ?.......WOULD YOU ?....
  2. I actually dont think its statute barred ,if it was id just tell them to foxtrot oscar its 3 and a half years since I last heard anything about this ( lowells ) but Iwrote and told them then that I didnt acknowledge any debt to them and did the sar thing at which point I never heard another thing off them.I dont quite know when or who I last made a payment to , I was passed round like an abused child for a bit. Sorry about the panic thing but I suffer from mental health problems and I do have anxiety/panic attacks, I wish I didnt but I do . Will be sending philips a "disputed account " le
  3. thanks for that jimbo . Can I just quote you a second . "Even if it goes to court ", I honestly would rather have it dealt with by a court than the swines that are dealing with it right now.I feel that a court would find in my favour ( or at absolute worst make me pay a minimal monthly amount from my benefit) and thats why theyre not getting on with taking me there. Does that sound about right ?
  4. I hear you zazen ,no more .... Thats just the thing though, expecting them at my door,its impacting on my enjoyment of my home and not that im bothered what the neighbours think ( trust me) but id have to deal with it all very publicly within the confines of a shared courtyard. I feel like ive been invaded by some greedy thief. Surely they wouldnt be stupid enough to "refuse" to leave,like im somehow going to put my hand in my pocket and magically produce 600 quid that I dont owe them. Me,im still fed up about it all immensely and feel that ive had my quiet life taken off me. My
  5. I know its just that I thought this was all over years ago.I followed all the advice on here about sar and cca to the letter dealing with lowells and never heard nothing again and then out of the blue all this. As im sure you know,its just awful to have some aggressive bullying f*ckwit on the phone trying to threaten you to the point where you feel you cant answer it. I cant help it I actually feel like theyve "got in" . Thankyou for your reassurance .I DO appreciate it .
  6. At my wits end and feel its going to get worse ....really stressed out and thats hours before the phonelines open and they start up with their days evil.
  7. ive just noticed looking at one of the letters that philips are acting " on behalf of" lowells and dont actually "own" the alleged debt should I be getting in touch with lowells ?they have all my sar stuff and I thought theyd given up on me once they could see that I actually dont owe anything and that the debt is made up entirely of "charges" ?
  8. im dreading today ...I just know these b*stards are going to start in with the phone calls again... for 600 poxy quid that was only ever £200 in the first place .....I feel like theyve got into my house....bottom feeding **** . Why cant we just thrash them with a big stick ? .....genuinely fed up .....lester...
  9. thanks angry cat ...that is "back to basics" .....right so if I do the SAR thing with cap one should I write ( im not phoning them ) to philips and tell them that thats what ive done? ...as in .." back off" .....and at the risk of sounding stupid ( not difficult for me )....should I mark a letter to philips with ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE ?.....I am inclined to take this route ....if anything somebody " owes me" ....me I just want it all to stop.....im appreciating yours and every one else thats posteds time ....I posted and thought someone might have replied by morning ...kind of thing.....thanks a
  10. thanks ....will take a look in a minute ...though im almost to scared to look.
  11. struggling to share your enthusiasm there angry cat ...all I know is im being hounded for 6oo and odd pounds worth of debt made up of "charges" and im going to get hounded at my door and I cant answer my phone ....it feels like the bloody Krays
  12. just had a read through that link and it looks like I can look forward to a visit from them ....really fed up now. Its just thieving with menaces and if it was happening to me in the street id be howling for a policeman ....fed up and worried..
  13. I honestly wouldnt mind them trying to get it through the courts as the courts would be a damn sight fairer than the dca ( wouldnt they ? ) as far as I know this has NEVER been to court surely theyd have to tell me wouldnt they ?....I dont know when I last made any payment and all my paperwork is in a file at a friends whos moved ....luckily hes pretty organised and can probably find it if I ask him ....... I dont ever remember admitting the debt in writing ..... thanks for your time and thanks for telling me bailiffs cant come round my home....you can tell me again if you like .
  14. thanks for the advice and the time harrassed senior
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