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  1. thanks again ive mailed oft but no answer from them as yet phoned y local courts have to phone back at 2 but judging by this i mayaswell do it anyway so ill have to goto the court now and get the forms as apparentlly cant do them online now as there suspended prior to the outcome of this test case
  2. hi im at the stage where i need to file court proceedings against the halipratts and with all this oft stuff going on even though the halifax is not listed as one of the banks where do i stand ? do i carry on and wait for ever or as the halifax isnt listed as one of the banks do i carry on and i will be sorted within 28 days ? not sure on what to do now dont want to pay money out and wait forever for it if it does affect me> ta lee
  3. a little update from the halifax first of all the phone number they gace on the letter rings and rings and rings no answering so i looked on previous letter got phone number rang them on that. stated that i wasnt happy with the situation that they have tried to put myself in. then stated that under no circumstances did i say that the 117 pound received from them for unfair charged over 12 months ago was nt and i repeat not in full and final settlement and waived the right for further claims to be lodged in respect of inappropriate charges. she then asked me to wait a minute for her to obviously talk to someone else. she then came back onto the phone and said ive been told that it will stand so i then said fine ive given you ample oppertunity to settle this amicabilly and you have not. so therefore you give me no choice but to take you to court and cost you a further £500 and will be stating inmy defence that you have not been amicable about this situation what so ever. she then asked me to wait a further 5 days for the decision to be reveiwed and will get back in touch via letter. so i will wait until friday if nothing then i will file proceedings against them. i think i have been most amicable about all ofthis lets just see what they say.
  4. so am i right to file or not ? realistically am i in any doubt here that i wont win or is it just another halifax tactic to put me off ? please reply asap as im now waiting to ring them b4 action thanks lee
  5. mmmmmmmmm true so ill just file and wait for my money instead ill do it monday anyone else seen anything like this or been in the same situation ?
  6. so as there saying that i accepted the original sum of £117.00 12 months ago in full and final settlement doesnt stand or worth the paper its printed on am i well within my rights to take them to court and win as i did not accept it in that way or did i say anything in the contrary to it neither. il bell them monday tell them what i think and if no satisfaction is revceived take them to court and i right in what im saying ?
  7. HI JUST A QUICK ONE I LET THE HALIFAX TAKE IT COURSE RATHER THAN TAKING THEM TO COURT. approximatley 12 months ago i phones the halifax because the previous month they charged me 3 times total £117.00 i complained and they said they would look into it a week later i got my charges back as a goodwill crap and they sent the relevant letter i didnt reply just accepted it but with no response. i have now gone for the full 6yrs worth and im at the final stage of weather to take them to court or let it take its course and see what the reply was from the halifax. this morning i got the reply stating as i accepted the £117.00 back 12 months ago that was in full and final settlement and that any further charged would stand so therefore there unable to agree to my request of a further refund. how do i stand here i did not accept the money as full and final settlement and i did not accept as no further charges would stand and i did not reply to there mandatory letter neither . help in this would be of much appreciation as i will file court proceedings now if eligable thanks again lee
  8. i also recieved one of these aswell no statements just dates and how much they charged makes it easier i suppose as they know how much it is just add the 8% interest send it back then phone em
  9. well saying no need to reply thats correct but it wont hurt to inform them that the date is the 3rd as it might well give them a nudge as you sa but if nothing is heard then file court papers
  10. the only thing that may take 40 days is the bank statements everything else is per letter ie 14 days not 40 as they state. if after the 14 days she has not received any confirmation or offer she then must goto the next stage. ignore there letter carry on with your dates not theres YOUR THE BOSS not them tossers.
  11. well first of all i would reply to the baliffs with the repy of i am in the process of retreiving my banks charges back in full payment so there will be no debt to answer to in due course but it may take upto3/4 months to complete. see what they say to that if its at the first stage of litigation with the baliffs they will give you time but you do need to talk to them straight away to let them know whats going on.otherwise thy will come knocking
  12. £3274.56 +£39 including interest or £3032 now ????????????? upto you really personally as there beibg asswipes and there continuing to be extortionate with the charges i would take them to court and get the EXTRA but entirely upto you or another person rang them and they waved the charge and settled in full anyway like i said upto you if you need the money take it and run if you dont well take them to court
  13. willl do thanks for the reply but will give them a ring at the end of the week to hurry them along slightly i suppose there a bit busy singing stupid bloody songs on tv with those 2 stupid pratts thinking there bloody popstars
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