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  1. i have wrote the letters but havent sent them out yet, wanting to clarify if i can claim from a debt collection agency (cabot) and the barclaycard even tho the debt has been finished?
  2. cheers AL but can i clarify what does DCA stand for on here? The barclaycard debt was sold on the 22-01-2002 only to be passed throughout several places im trying to trace and end up with our friends at cabot on 19th july 2005. this has been paid off now but as you can imagine from a debt starting 12-01-2001 to dec 07 i have a lot to claim for, but both barclaycard and cabot has now been paid.
  3. ok, i get word warmed up for some fun then cheers
  4. i have spoken to cabot financial and they took my debt over in 19th april 2005 from a debt with my barclaycard, this card was cancelled and finished 22/01/02 is there anyway i can findout who was dealing with it between such times? i think one was mercers debt collectors.
  5. im getting a bit heavy with the overload of threads to read. and i need it in layman terms do i write to them asking for the history of my account with them regarding defaults like the template for banks? also i have lots of defaults listed on my credit file from them, hows best way of dealing with disposing of that or will that come with the refund of charges
  6. believe me i am happy to lose £5 for the money i wil get returned at some point. for a guy that gets charges twice a month, its going to hurt.
  7. has anyone actually taken cabot to court or got money from them. or is everyone just ****ed off with them?
  8. thanks for your advice mate, will do template asap. where is the libary, getting lost with the search
  9. i have had a barclaycard about three years ago and this was sold to cabot, who i have paid twice the debt on the card at least. am i able to claim the unfair charges foir defaults with them even if i have now finished with them as know its worth a bit to me
  10. if i remeber isnt this why some kid commited suicide once before?
  11. cant you write to them threating legal action for stress caused by the harrassment and needing time off cause of it
  12. i could do but was a while noe, bout a month. at least i get idea what im owned and will write and try again.
  13. should it be on the same paper that my statements come on normally, as stuff i got seems to be computer print out on plain a4
  14. so this should be sent in headed paper exactlly as would be sent if needed todays
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