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  1. Do the repayments tally up? is the interest charge ok? How about the interest being charged on the acceptance fee?
  2. which threads? there's so many, dont know which one would apply to my situation
  3. PDF version uploaded, all barcodes have been removed thanks
  4. No didnt advise of new address, its only been less than 1 month Will post the current docs that I have, thanks again for all the help
  5. Didnt know about court case as I had moved 3 weeks before I received the summons/court letters. Only found out by running a report from Experian which showed the CCJ, so wasnt contested. Paid it in full within the month as the default decision had already been awarded and didnt want a CCJ on my report for 6yrs! Took at loan with Welcome in Middle of 2007 for £2500, with payments of £168.89 for24 months. Paid for while then fell in to difficulty and stopped the payments as they werent agreeing to a payment plan nor stopping the interest being charged. The account was sold to MKDP in Mar 2010 with a balance of £2900 but then with other so called charges ended up being £3400. I can see that interest has been charged on the acceptance fee of £75 under the Statement of Price giving a total of £108. The total cost of credit is made up of interest and the 75 acceptance fee Any help is always greatly appreciated.
  6. It was only this year I had to pay court fees of £85 too Do welcome finance actually pay out?
  7. I havent sent a SAR as I dont know if it needs to go to Welcome or MKDP, as MKDP were awarded the judgment and received the money. Also are they allowed to add to the orignal default amount? it was £2900 before MKDP took over and they pushed it up to £3400 before they received the judgment against me.
  8. Hi, A CCJ was issued against me which has been satisified entirely, I know a portion of the monies were made of penalties for letters, phone calls etc I am wondering if it is possible to recalim those costs even though the CCJ has been satisified? The loan was orignally with Welcome then ownership passed to MKDP who were awarded the defaut jugdment. thanks
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