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  1. i've recently had some success with my bank charges claim. the co-operative repaid two-thirds of the amount, but still owe about 600 pounds. they said the repayment made was a "goodwill gesture" and they stated they hadn't done anything wrong. i intend to keep what they have given me but would like to press for more, or at least an explanation. any advice?
  2. blinko

    hsbc address

    what address have people sent their claims for HSBC to? i only have account number details of my old hsbc account and an few address's to chose from
  3. i got my charges back itemised in 6 seperate columns. under the column "commission" there are a number of £2 charges, which i presume are from moving money out of my credit card. do i calculate these into my total claim or are they "reasnoble" charges that reflect the banks effort and part of the credit a/c contract?
  4. how do i calculate my overdraft interst? can i just stick 8% on to the total figure?
  5. i got my cahrges through, all laid out neatly into seperate columns. how do i add tax onto the charges?. and when do i claim for tax? with the preliminary letter or after i receive money? 2 THREADS MERGED
  6. what exactly are the Schedule of Charges i should include with my letter of claim to the bank?is it the statements they sent me itemising the charges?
  7. i got my statements through today. the bank have laid out the charges into 6 columns - commission, credit interest, debit interest, fees, fees refund and tax on credit interest. of these, only the first and fourth columns ( commission and fees) are of financial interest. do i try to claim on everything or specify particular colums.? has anyone else received statements laid out like this?
  8. hi everyone. just joined and in the process of retrieving money from the bank i'm with now.am waiting on the statements to arrive and will keep this site informed of my progress. i'm also trying to get money back from the HSBC, the bank i used to be with. i parted company with the back a few years ago , and threw out all correspondence i ever had with them. as a result i don't have any details of the account. i phoned their customer services line and was told i would need some details of the account if they were to help me, or i could call into a branch with some ID. i intend to do this but would like to know if anyone else has tried geting details of old accounts (current) from a bank. i assume the bank might be slow in giving such details if they realise i intend getting money from them
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