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  1. hi allie, Finally got hearing date through last week, its on 28 june, so i've been trying to contact barclays on the number u gave me but it just goes to answerphone. I want to try settle over the phone like you did, but seem to have hit another brick wall. Any chance of some more advice? Thanks bluto
  2. Thanks Allie, yes the number u used will help. Also, been another week and still no word, is it worth chasing up my claim do u think? thanks
  3. thanks very much, just wondering is the allocation hearing not the final step? its been a month now since aq went back, getting a bit restless. also adrian st john i'm up against Any info appreciated
  4. hi, can anyone tell me how long i have to wait from sending the aq back for my court date? also is there something i should be doing inbetween? any advice welcome
  5. hi, thanks for that. have sent aq off 11/03/07, do i just sit tight now, wait for court date? i dont get much time on computer as work mainly on building sites away from home, think i've just been winging it so far by reading this site when i can! also how do i start my own thread? cheers from a 'thick builder'
  6. hi, have been going through sueing barclays since 23 nov 06and sent allocation questionnaire back on 11/03/07, only found this site after following guides on martin lewis's site. Do i just sit tight now, wait for court date? i dont get much time on computer as work away on building sites(not really the best place for a laptop) and seem to of just been winging it with help from reading this site when can. Any help appreciated, also how do i start my own thread? cheers from a thick builder!
  7. thanks great help, will keep this site posted as to how i get on
  8. hi, just seen you are online wondered if you'd help me? must return the allocation questionnaire tommorrow, is the anything i should be filling in for other information and what about 'exrerts reports' and should i need a solicitor? please help am a bit confused. cheers
  9. have got the allocation questionnaire, which needs sending back for the 17th march. do i want an experts report?(no idea!) should fill in any other information? do i want a solicitor? please help someone, im a bit confused. cheers!
  10. hello all, i am currently in the court process with barclays bank for nearly 3000£ and have been sent the allocation questionnaire and their defence. is there anything i should be aware of before sending it back or do i just fill it in as i see fit? has to be returned in 5 days, any advice much appreciated
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