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  1. I WON - i got the letter from them today - yay yaya ayayayayayayayayayyay naturally i'm not allowed to tell anyone and if we had gone to court their defence would have whipped my arse, over a "relatively modest" sum. Well it may be modest to them and but to me it means food on the table and a new pair of shoes. Thank you so much chaps and chapesses for support, reading everyones experiences helped me actually believe that i could do it. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY
  2. well the court bundle was sent last week, so it's a waiting game now until 22nd May. rock on.
  3. ok, i'll try to stop being so damn nervous.
  4. I'm putting the court bundle together as we speak, but the more i look through it the more nervous i'm getting. What happens if they turn up, i could be that one they decide to trash it out with. I haven't a clue what to say in a court room, i can read everything i can but i'm not a legal person. I must stop thinking like this. What happens at a small claims hearing? is it me putting my side across them doing there bit and then fight fight fight?
  5. Good news I received my court date today 22nd May, i'm very nervous but rather excited. i should like it if barclays actually turned up. manybe they will.... Right i'm now going to find out everything i need to know about the court bit and what i need to take with me and send off before hand. God this is exciting.
  6. well it's over six weeks since i sent my AQ in, and i called the courts enquiring after a date. they said i should hear back proabbly mid April. This just seems to run and run. Luckily i am now gainfully employed so the money, although, i'm in need, isn't priority one. Has anyone else had to wait two months for a court date?
  7. hi, I'm at the AQ stage, but thought i should write it all down for prosperity and to see how it all goes. after receiving my statements in November 2006 i totted up £885 worth of charges. Wrote the first letter to Barclays on 8th December they replied back with an offer of £450 i declined and wrote the second letter on the 28th December. they said no i started the Moneyclaim online on the 5th January, barclays acknowledged the claim. With 30 minutes to spare on the last day they entered a defence. the defence was for the full amount. Today 13th February - i have just sent off my AQ, and wait with baited breath for my day in court. Because they refused to accept my first request of £885, the court is for £1200 ish, as that includes interest and court fees. I guess at some time they'll click that being a pain in the neck to people and forcing it to go this far, they are just paying out more money because they have to pay for interest as well. well fingers crossed, i'll kepp y'all posted.
  8. yes my wallet was actually lifed from my back pocket, cards nicked and then wallet unceremoniously dumped.
  9. Hi there, A while ago I was in a busy pub and I paid for my transaction by using my bank card, within 10 minutes £500 was taken from my account. Clearly what happened was that someone saw me enter my pin number, stole my card, ran around the corner and took out £500 from my account. I reported this to the police and to my bank - First Direct. First Direct refused to give me back any money as they said I was negligent as I allowed someone to see me put in my pin number. I refuted this but they were adamant. After digging around on the internet I found this...“Shoulder surfing – where criminals look over your shoulder and watch you enter your PIN, then steal your card using distraction techniques or pick-pocketing.” (Card watch website (http://www.cardwatch.org.uk/#) I wrote to First Direct with this information pointing it out that this fraudulent activity is recognised by the financial industry. And that if they didn't' return my money back within 7 working days I would be contacting the Financial Ombudsman Services. They returned my £500 within days, along with 6 bottles of wine, a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates to compensate for the stress I encountered. They also returned back £55 worth of charges as the theft took me over my overdraft limit and they charged me for it. Cheeky. If you are a victim of shoulder surfing, do not be fobbed off by banks saying that you are liable. Be really firm with any correspondence. I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble reclaiming back their theft after a "shoulder surfing" crime has taken place. Regards, Labella77
  10. I suggest you start with the basic FAQ's and work from there. All the information you need is in that section. regards labella77
  11. Also, what is a copy of the schedule? Are these the charges that i'm disputing? sorry to be thick but i dont' understand the jargon. thanks
  12. thanks for that, as my claim is for £1200 ish. it will be allocated to the small calims track anyway, shall i just omit the parts about the small claims track allocation?
  13. Hi there, i'd like to first of all say that everyone's advice from threads that i have been browsing over the last few months from here and from moneysavingsexpert has been so useful in my claim. I am currently at the allocation questionaire part of the claim against Barclays and and just filling it all out now. Apart from listing all the charges and interest i will add in statements that have been listed in the thread for the AQ. Does anyone have any advice on other useful things to add to the other information part. Or will i be covered with list of charges and the statement of discolsure? Any advice would be great. I fully intend on going to court if need be. - which brings me on to my second question. Apart from feeling really scared at the prospect opf going to court, have Barclays ever actually gone to court? thanks for your help. Labella77
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