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  1. Hi guys, Does anybody know if I can follow the court case other than highlights on the tv or the in papers? ie a web site or blog that reports daily on the events of the day. Although I keep an eye out I find very little news. I'm at the stage where I had a court date in Bristol last Sept and had a stay put in place and it came to a halt. Also, will there be a new court bundle after the outcome or will the 300 pages I have already printed be execptable.Or do you think when the courts rule against the banks will it be a formalty to have all the charges returned without a court apperance. All the best, Paul.
  2. Hi. I would like to wish everybody on this site a very Happy New Year. This go's especialy to all the site helpers and mod's over the year's. Because we are all waiting in limbo and not posting so much lately, we wouldn't be here waiting without the help and incouragement from you guy's and girls. Thanks and lets all have a good New Year. Paul.
  3. My case in Bristol CC has been stayed.... I started in Feb 2007 and it was due to be heard on the 21 st Sept. It states "In the light of the decieion by the office of fair trading to instigate a test case in the High Court to provide a determination of the issues in these proceedings, the district Judges have decided to say all new cases issued in Bristol CC. It goes on to say IT IS ORDERED THAT "This action is stayed untill a date 28 days after the publication of the decision in the test case brought in the High Court by the office of fair trading in July 2007". What does that mean? ,is it a error ?. And I can't see that my case is a "new case" as it has been listed since June. Paul.
  4. Thanks dw,I can't find the company in company house. Should it be there?..Yes it could be private.It is Steamline taxis Bristol, It was started by a few drivers in 1955 who bought shares to get the firm off the ground. And I think it's run very simular to a co-op. Would it help if a current driver applied as the owner of the share even if it is my Grandads name?.I don't work for them but I know a few who do. Thanks again, Paul.
  5. Please can anybody help with this question. My Dad has a share certificate which was handed down to him from his dad. The share is in his dads name. The company is being sold and the share should be worth £1000. After appoching the company they told me that the share is only valid to people who are still employed with them. Is this just a fob off or do they have a point?. The certificate was bought in 1957 to start a new company. Any help please.... Paul.
  6. Green and mean.. I paid via a ticket till 16.59. (the swimming pool at Tewkesbury closed at 17.00) returned to my car outside in the car park and had a ticket timed at 17.15. Even if we were slow to return it must of only been 17.10 at the latest. There was no sight of a P A in the near empty car park, and the pay and display time limit or restrictions on parking ended at 17.30.
  7. Thanks guys... It may be the case of "the invisable Parking attendent", as I didn't see him leaving the car park.
  8. Perky.. Thanks, It's only the time that bothers me. the same old story told by others, I'm sure I back was in the car at the same time as the ticket was printed. My car clock is gps that is what I'm going by. But I might still ask when was the last time it had been callabrated.
  9. Green,,. I mean the parking attendent.. The person issueing the ticket.. He must of had training to use the small hand held machine that prints the ticket. If it hasn't been callabrated or the operator hasn't been trained to use it , maybe it's not valid??. Paul.
  10. Can anybody tell me if they know of people asking the council who gave the ticket out for a callabration certificte and a certificte of training for the opperator. Perhaps there might be a letter on the site asking for these. Thanks, Paul.
  11. Hi, has anybody a court date in Bristol CC for September. I've had mine for a while now and so did 3 other guys. They have all been paid, Good on them, but i'm still waiting to go to court. I will contact the court to see if the case will be heard later this week but I would like to know if anyone else is sill going in September, My date is for the 21st. All the best, Paul.
  12. Hi Dingle, I'm just as green as you but what I have found out from this site is read the Court Bundle info again and again. The Mods on the site may of sent you an e-mail, read it and yes you are likely to print off 300 + pages. You will need 3 copys of everthing, one for you, one for the court and one to be sent to SC&M. Lot of guys win before there court date,and some go to court and will have to speak to the judge, but they all win in the end. I've been told the Judges are human, so prepair your defence, you might not need it, but at least you will have all the answers he'll ask you if it go's all the way. All the best, Paul.
  13. If the banks are saying that we are being charged for a sevice ie: giving us a new limit on our overdraft to cover a payment, what are they calling it when they return a DD or cheque. They are not providing a sevice because they are refusing to pay, but still charge us for this. Is'nt this a good point to make to the courts. Is this point written in any of the template letters?, or have I missed it?..
  14. who

    Who V Lloyds Tsb

    Recived today,Notice of allocation to Small Claims track. 10:00 21st September at BCC. Deputy District Judge Kearney. And it goes on to say it should no longer than 5 minutes. Has any body got the same date?. Paul.
  15. Hi simba27, How well prepaired were you??, Did you have your court bundle made up and with you when you attened court??. I think your thread was / is very helpfull to us all, lots of info to help us prepair for court. Well done!!.
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