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  1. Hi Julied1, Due to a month of disasters, bereavements ect, I only posted my letter to them on 19th March. How are you getting on? I have heard they are the worst people to deal with?
  2. Your right Bazak1. I should have more faith. Im also sending a letter off to the Bradford & Bingley tomorrow and apparently, they really are awkward beggers! Chris.
  3. Thank you Scott. I think its the thought of maybe having to go to court thats got me quaking in my shoes. I've a feeling they are going to owe me quite a bit and might not want to pay up. Regards, Chris.
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and have got my letter and £10 ready to send off tomorrow. Its nerveracking! I will update as things hopefully progress. Good luck to you all, with your claims.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum. I have got my letter and £10 ready to post tomorrow. I feel really nervous for some reason. I will update as things hopefully progress. Good luck to everyone else.
  6. Hi, I am just about to send my first letter off to the B&B. Did you have to go to court? Did you win? They seem like the worst bank to try and claim from! Chris.
  7. Thank you Stan. I would really appreciate any help you can offer. Have a lovely holiday.
  8. I've just read it Stan, your sister is very lucky to have you fighting her corner. I think you have done really well to carry on and you also seem very knowledgable. I can't believe that no one else has taken them on.
  9. Thank you Stan. Trust me to be with the one bank that puts up a good fight to the bitter end!
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm new on here. I've spent ages looking through the threads and can't see the B&B mentioned anywhere. Has anyone requested their bank charges back off them? I have got my letter and £10 ready to post to them, and was just wondering how other folk had got on. Many Thanks
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