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  1. O.K. The deadline has passed so I will be filling the court application form. I have an agreed overdraft of £580 and bank charges brought me over this. Had I not recieved these charges my account would have been -£480. Within the agreed amount. Today I got a letter: Having reviewed your account, I regret that we'll no longer be able to offer you an overdraft facility because you have exceeded your overdraft limit without authorisation. Your overdraft will expire on 30th May 2007. Please ensure your account is brought into credit by this date. Can I contest this in court? Had it not been for these overdraft charges I would not have gone over the agreed amount. My account is currently at -£250 Help very much appreciated
  2. Well, I've recieved the fob off letter today. "Thank you for your recent letters about charges incurred...feedback from our members is absolutely invaluable...we're sorry we can't agree to your charges being refunded." Do I still have to wait the full 14 days before taking court action or can I start that today?
  3. Yeah, I'm going ahead with the former. I've sent by special delivery this time, because I didn't have the funds last time, and now I know that they recieved my LBA on one account and second S.A.R. form (+ £10 cheque just incase) on the other
  4. I sent them a £10 & S.A.R. as well, did not recieve my list of charges but they didn't cash my cheque. I don't know what to do about that either.
  5. I will post that today then, thanks lori1. I suppose I should kill two birds with the one stone. What do I do about my other account. I sent a data protection letter because I didn't know the full charges as the account is 7 years old as opposed to the other which is less than a year old I sent the £10 cheque (which hasn't been withdrawn) and the SAR letter. This was in the same letter as the other account. I can't give them a 14 days until action on this account without knowing how much I'm owed, can I? I called the nationwide and was told they can only give the last 27mths charges over the phone? I need the last 5 years (scotland).
  6. I called at 9:00 and it had not been closed. It had been flagged so that no funds could be withdrawn but since the payment of £1500 has been recieved they have removed the flag on the account. Should I still go ahead with the 14 day until court action letter?
  7. From checking online it appears that today they have closed my account (which is ****ing stupid because I was being paid £1500 today into that account) They have denied receiving my original letter requesting return of charges. Do I proceed with going to court now? Where do I stand legally. P.S. I have a second (parachute) account opened.
  8. The reason they have issued the notice is that there charges have brought me over the overdraft limit. I have a limit of £580 and it is sitting at £800, but if they hadn't applied the charges it would be sitting at £480, therefore it is because of these charges that I am over the limit. I will be calling them today to see if they have recieved my letter requesting the charges be returned. If they say they have not I may have to step things up a gear. I will be following MilkTrayMans suggestions. I'll keep you all updated.
  9. I've just got mail back from Nationwide and it is not what I was expecting to say the least. They have issued a default notice on my account in which I am required to (a) repay overdraft in full (b) ro reture all cheques, quarantee cards & flexaccount cards before 29th May. What the hell? Has this back fired on me badly...
  10. Hello Everyone! Well I've been reading over you website the last while and have decided to push ahead with getting back the money that was deducted from my Nationwide Acc's unfairly. Acc. 1: I have had this account over 7 years and will send a letter today to recieve all the statements for the alst 6 years. ( I called a branch today and they were going to charge me five pounds PER STATEMENT! £360??? Aye right ). Charges on this account in the last 2 1/2 years amount to £380. It's likely they've taken over £700 on this account. They will be recieving this letter S.A.R.: [edit] Acc. 2: This I've had for less than one year but has an overdraft and I've been charged on missed direct debits and overdraft fees. I will be sending the Prelim letter as I know how much I have been charged. [edit] These letters will be posted today. I hope that they are all o.k.
  11. Hello Everyone. Just to give a quick run down of the situation I find myself in and what I wish to do. I also have a few questions that need answering too. Background info: I was made redundant 6 mths ago when the business I worked for folded. Since then I've searched for a job, to no avail. Currently: Currently I have three credit cards (CapitalOne, Virgin & Nationwide) which have all gone over their limits in the time I've been looking for a job. I have not used them in this time but could not afford to pay the monthly repayments without an Income. I have also incurred tens of those £30 bank charges on my two Nationwide bank accounts. The overdrafts are now over their limits and I'm getting overdraft fees for them also. I wish to recoup the fees on all my cards/accounts. One snag though. I was recentley made aware (today) that my Capitalone and Virgin card have "payment protection". Would I still be able to recoup the charges even though I should have activated the payment protection policy? Also, are these payment protection policies really of any use? Also, do I have to use a different letter template for the creditcards or use the same as the bank template. Any help very much appreciated. P.S. Got a letter yesterday after an interview. I didn't get the job
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