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  1. Hi Slick, Well I haven't heard back yet - should be anyday now but will let you know when I do... Thanks so much for the link! (No, I hadn't read that before - but I have now!!!). Aint no stoppin me now...
  2. Thanks for the info, Affirmation - truly appreciated! I am on the case...
  3. Hi Slick, I don't object to them closing my account - I don't use it anymore and I do have an a/c elsewhere... I'm claiming around £900 in charges and I'm overdrawn around £1,600 - the accrued interest on the account has been building up since I put in my claim to refund bank charges over a year ago now. I'm going into the branch to have a chat with them today... should be fun ;-)
  4. Meanwhile... I am now being chased by the dudes from the Consumer Finance dept and have been served with a termination notice while they're looking at my I&E form. Anyone else had one of those? Retail banking customer services dept have written to me saying that "Whilst the media may have implied that by claiming financial hardship we are obliged to refund a claimant's bank charges, this is not the case and each claim will be considered on its own merits". So we shall see what happens... Any thoughts or comments from anyone here will be warmly received. Thanks!
  5. Thanks slick132 - I am 'managing' but it's not easy as I don't have any money coming in apart from working families tax credits... I'm a self-employed writer/author and work is sporadic! I called the court today and they said I could apply for them to lift the stay - has anyone else here successfully done that?
  6. Forgot to mention that I'm past my overdraft limit because of interest charges in the interim - I've had a heck of a time these past months, lots of hassle from the bank wanting a repayment plan. Am currently having to put money into the account monthly to offset their charges and bring me back under my agreed overdraft limit... haven't got the money to do this, but feel pressured by them like I have no choice but to give them even more money, even though THEY OWE ME. it's very frustrating having to wait like this... anyone else here facing similar problems?
  7. Okay... so a year later and I'm still confused!!! Is the OFT case over? My case (I presume) is still stayed as I haven't heard otherwise... Has anyone else here put in a claim at Haverfordwest court and heard anything? Thanks!
  8. Hiya I put in my claim directly to my local court at Haverfordwest and shortly thereafter received a letter saying that the case had been stayed (because of the OFT case). I was also informed that my case was being transferred to Cardiff. A couple of days ago, I received a notice that a defence has been filed from Cardiff County Court, along with an allocation questionnaire (small claims track) that I have to fill in by (remember, remember the) 5th of November (gunpowder, treason & plot). For a start, I thought that the defence was extremely dodgy, especially the last paragraph, that included the statement that ..."the Defendant has nonetheless suffered loss and damage as a consequence of such breach of contract in allowing the account to go into unauthorised overdraft." WHAT?!? It's laughable, really... So - my first question is: Is my case stayed or not, seeing as the bank have filed a defence?! Secondly, should I include anything extra in part G of the form I've been sent - where I can include any other information I consider will help the judge to manage or clarify my claim, including any other info I consider should be supplied by Barclays???? For example: should I ask that Barclays prove they have thus suffered loss and damage as a consequence of me being overdrawn (only ever by £1,500 at the most at any one time - it's hardly millions!). One other point... in the defence that was filed, in part 2 it states that the particluars of claim are summary in nature and that, accordingly, my defence is summary in nature. That I reserve the right to amend this Statement of Case in due course. I don't understand that, when I noted dates, amounts, and included the relevant additional information available on this forum when I submitted my claim to the court... Any help gratefully appreciated asap (as the form has to be returned by 5th Nov). Many thanks! Karen
  9. Thanks Slick. Have sent bank prelim letters - firstly when I was estimating charges and again with the exact amount of mony owed to me. Does LBA mean 'letter before action?' I've given them plenty of opportunity and time to respond, seeing as I first wrote to them in December 2007 and have sent a total of 4 letters to them. I think I've been very fair...
  10. Update on Haverfordwest County Court - I was informed yesterday (4th Sept) that they've made a decision in the past week to stay ALL cases against banks until the outcome of the test case in London next year...
  11. My history (or herstory, to be more accurate) is thus - I first wrote to the bank in December 2006 requesting an estimated figure. They responded with the offer of a £400 'goodwill gesture'. I declined the offer in February 2007. I then requested my bank statements for the previous 6 years, which took them well over 40 days to do and I had to request these several times. I wrote again in July detailing the proper amount owed to me. They responded a couple of days ago, informing me that any claim I made in court would be 'stayed' and that, if I did so, the 'goodwill offer' would be void. I phoned Haverfordwest Court yesterday and they informed me that all claims against banks have indeed been stayed until the test case next year in London. (I am now wishing that I'd written to them with accurate instead of an estimated figure in the first place - then this would have been resolved by now!) I am now filling in an N1, which I intend to personally take to Haverfordwest Court today... A few questions... Will I receive a case number if my claim has been stayed? Will I be able to then call the litigation team at Barclays and speak directly with them? Are the litigation team at Barclays currently refunding monies owed to customers from bank charges, or are they awaiting the outcome of the test case? Thanks for your help!
  12. Oh, and meanwhile, they are charging me a hefty whack of interest per month - comes to around £15 and the overdraft just climbs higher... Are the cases taking long to come to court, then? It sounds like I may have to be patient... that's okay. I'm a mum, I can do that expertly.
  13. The 'goodwill' offer is £400 (how generous of them) but the actual sum they've taken from me totals £870. I WILL go for it and claim it back... Okay, so step 2... I've already done a shedule of charges with interest. Would you please tell me how I figure out what the daily rate of interest is? And do I use the new POC which is lengthy, or the old one, which is more concise? I presume if I use the newer POC, I can just attach the extra pages to the form? Thank you so much for your offer of help & support - I just want to get my claim in to the court asap now... is there a simple step-by-step guide I can follow? I'm suffering from TMI (too much information!)
  14. I've just received a letter from Barclays offering me less than half the money I am owed in bank charges (they describe this as a 'goodwill offer'), further saying that I should be aware that if I choose to issue a claim in the County Courts, Barclays wil immediately apply to the court for an order to stay my action until resolution of the bank's proceedings with the OFT. They have implied that my case could take months... So... Do I take the money or soldier on to Court???
  15. Thank you - it's a good site! Much appreciated.
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