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  1. aparently the judge has now looked at it and they are sending me a date
  2. amount claimed 3534 amount offered 2145 but dont know untill tomorow if they have entered defence
  3. i am i had untill the 10/04/07 to hand q/a in i done it on 2/4/07 they didnt hand theres in untill the 16/4/07 6 days late waiting to hear wat happens next
  4. i have had a defence from woolwich/barclays i have asked about and replys i had say dont worry they are just staling for time
  5. how do u mean dont hastle them i have alocation questionare filled in and ready to go it has to be back by 10 th april should i hang on to it for a bit then
  6. did you fill in form n149 if so what did you answer to q g other information:confused:
  7. stevemcc


    woolwich have put up defence against my claim for 1300 quid i have form n149 allocation questionare not sure what to put for Question G other information anyone been to this stage ?
  8. woolwich have just entered defence on last day i have allocation questionaire n149 but not sure wat to say in part G othere information any ideas
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