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  1. Court were fine and just said get them to them immediatly so am busy downloading 'basic court bundle now'. Havent had any documents or 'evidence' from Nat West though?
  2. nad have only just notice the "each party shall deliver to every other party etc etc no later than 14 days before the hearing, I havent sent any, what should I do now? Oh and only 5mins allocated to my case?
  3. Notice of Allocation to the small Claims Track (Hearing)
  4. Should I be taking any 'evidence' with me? other than the obvious statements, copy of letters etc.
  5. I would hang in there, I offered them 90% and they rejected. Have you had your court date yet?
  6. Mine has been going since March amd I have just had my court date for August, the £3k they owe me is keeping me strong, I just keep thinking of that sun kissed beach with the proceeds.
  7. I have just completed my allocation questionaire and returned to the court with my £100. Has anybodys actually gone to court yet (other than the Lloyds TSB which I'm told isnt the same?) What happens next? Will I get a court date? Do I attend? Do I need a solictor? I'm not good with technology and find this site quite hard to navigate so the answers might already be here, I just cant find them. Am nervous, ha:confused: ve never attended court!
  8. Will sending in another spreadsheet minus the interest make me look incompetent? i.e they will know I dont actually have a clue what I'm doing? and have you seen on the news today (heard through a friend) of a case that DID make it to court and the cour ruled in favour of Lloyds bank???
  9. Thanks guys, feel stronger now and then received another letter "pleae provide a revised schedule for the period to which your claim relates detailling the interest at the court interest rate of 8%" what are they on now? I copied the spreadsheet from this website so it automatically calculated the 8% for me and printed it on the sheet so dont know what else they want? and yes please Mrs Foot a buddy would be great!
  10. I have followed all the steps and I have issued the court claim and now i am faced with a solictors letter, firstly an acknowledgement of service and now they have filed a defence usign lots of termanology I dont understand and also a letter going on about the 8% interest? I am completly baffled but all these companies offering to help take 20% of the proceeds?? any advice on how not to be shafted?
  11. Good luck, I am at the 'issued defence' stage of my court claim and feeling very nervous!
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