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  1. I have been contacted over the telephone by a company claiming to be able to act on a no win,no fee basis for a miss sold endowment policy. I did have policy years ago when I first took out a mortgage,but I think it was cashed in. They claim that it doesn't matter and I should probably be entitled to compensation if I was misled. Has anyone else had any dealings with similar companies?
  2. Hi, I think what will happen is they will default you anyway, they don't acknowledge any dispute letters and will send all sorts of DCAs after you to collect the balance due. There is one law for them and one for us underlings
  3. Hi folks,tried to post this last night but was suffering from hayfever and my eyes were killing me.
  4. I sent the letter to experian, and received the following reply today. Sorry unable to post reply, try again tomorrow
  5. Right, data protection breach letter going to Abbey, and as previously stated have sent the new bankfodder letter to experian. Will just have to sit back and wait for a response 8)
  6. My cards are all as valid as the day I signed up, I just find it all very coincidental. :?
  7. Hi all, I am involved in a claim from Abbey and recently discovered I had been defaulted when I signed up for experians creditexpert. I sent a copy of the new letter to experian last week and when I tried to log on to the creditexpert website earlier tonight I found the following message Dear IR2365 We're sorry, but the card details you supplied when signing up for CreditExpert are not valid - perhaps your card has expired, been cancelled or replaced? Please log in with your existing username and password and use another card to complete the order form. Unfortunately your membership has been suspended for now, preventing you from receiving alerts of key changes to your credit report or being able to see your Experian® credit report online. Many thanks, The CreditExpert team Please do not reply to this e-mail. This e-mail address is not monitored. If you would like to contact us, please send your e-mail to [email protected] Has anyone else found this? seems like an attempt to deny access to the info we need to proceed.
  8. IR2365


    Thank you so much for that, letter on its way today
  9. I will be watching this closely as I am in a very similar situation and about to go down the same route. Best of luck
  10. Hi tommy271007, thanks for that advice, I already sent a S.A.R when I first claimed my charges back, would I need to request another one? and do I just use the template letters for the data protection application? also can I register a complaint against the abbey for their actions and have the CRA's remove the illegal default? There is a lot of questions here I know but this is new territory for me.
  11. Hi, am currently claiming appx £6,000 in bank charges from Abbey:mad: I had an overdraft of appx £2,000 which comprised an element of the said charges. They demanded immediate payment of the overdraft and closed the account, and since then I been contacted by at least three DCA's all acting on behalf of the abbey. To be fair to them,they have all been very reasonable when it has been explained to them that the account is in dispute and all the relevant letters have been sent to abbey stating this fact. The account has now been returned to abbey. I recently signed up with credit expert after becoming suspicious about my credit file and find that abbey have defaulted me on my disputed account. Now this is having an adverse effect as I can't get a decent credit card or bank account etc, I am not looking for anymore credit or another overdraft but it would be nice to have a choice of more consumer friendly products rather than treated like some second class citizen and at the mercy of the banks. Being relatively new to all this, I feel kind of stuck at the moment, but I found this forum and was wondering what to do next and if the account is in dispute how can they just do what they like,while my case is on hold?
  12. IR2365


    Hi,I sent the account in dispute letter late last year,but they appear to just ignore that and to carry on with various DCA's trying to recover the sum in dispute.I on the other hand because of the test case can do nothing and get my credit rating trashed as well what are my chances of sorting this out,is there a letter template for the next stage? as i can't find anything
  13. IR2365


    Is there anyone out there?
  14. IR2365


    Hi folks, I have just subscribed to credit expert after becoming suspicious about my credit score and lo and behold our wonderful bank have defaulted me in January.Now I'm no expert in these matters but surely when this happens you are supposed to get a default notice and also if an account is in dispute they have no right to do this
  15. New letter from another DCA arrived today. This time it's Equidebt Limited Gave them a quick call ( I Know) ,explained about account being in dispute etc, the guy was very nice and asked for a copy of the original letter sent to Abbey,will also enclose Lula's account in dispute letter for DCA's and hopefully that will be the end of the matter with them. The Abbey on the other hand seemingly cant understand as this is the third time they have passed this account on for collection
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