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  1. Hi Barty Yes it is the correct amount i am claiming. £1523
  2. Got a letter form the solisitors saying the usual and that £xyz will be credited to your account just sign the paper and send it back. At the same time i received another letter from the solisters saying We have been passed a copy of the procedings that you have issued afain out client in BIRMINGHAM county court. The bank will be defending these procedings on the following grouds. 1. the fees that i seek are properly incorporated into your contract with bank: and 2) by making payments (whether by cheque, debit card or any other means) from your account where you have insuffient funds to cover them, you are making a request to the bank for an increased overdraft which the bank may meet or decline. If it meets your request you must pay the necessary charges. The issue of penalty arises as a matter of law, where there has been a breach of contract and there is no breach of contract here. Looking ahead. a situation which gives rise to a dispute is not one the bank wishes to continue. In view of this you are requested, Please, to make contact within the next 14 days with your local branch manager on 08453000000, to reviw your account. A review maybe useful to consider wheter your bankin arrangements are the most appropiate for your needs, We await confirmation from the bank that action has been taking. Has anybody else had this letter or can explain to me what it means please Thanks
  3. Should i amend this to suit me nd send it to the courts and scm?? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-4-particulars-claim-n1.html
  4. IN the denfece it says i do not menstion the refund already paid. If i have not reseived a refund should i ring Lloyds solisiters and question this????
  5. Rang the court up nd they said because so many cases are coming through they are not sending out allocation questionnaires and that i need to ring the birmingham courts on tuesday to find out what i need to do next
  6. I put During the period in which the account has been operating the defendant debited numourous charges to the account in respect of purported reaches of contract on the part of the claiment and also charged interest on the charges once applied.The charges debited to the account are punitie in nature and are not a genuine preestimate of cost incurred by the defendant,exceed any alleged actual loss to the defendant in respect of any reaches on contract on the part of the claiment, and are not intended to represent or related to any alleged actual loss, but insted unduly enrich the defendant which exercises the contractual term in respect of such charges with a view to profit.
  7. Lloyds tsb defence have written 1)this defence is served without prejudice the the defendant,contention that the statement of claim is insufficiently particularised and is embaressing. The defendant reserves the right to plead further the the statement of the claim once thay are sufficiently particularised, 2) The defendant will objectthat the particulars of claim in this action disclose noreasonable cause of action against the defendant and makes no speciific allegations against the defendant as to why the defendant should be liable to the claimant for the amount claimed. 3)The particulars of the claim do not comply with rule 16.4 1(a) of civil procedure rules as amongst other things they do not identify the account in question that appears to form the subject matter of these proceedings, or indeed show how the sum of £1387.80 is arrived at.and do not appear to take into account the refund already paid and there is no pleaded basis in law or fact for the claim itself. the particulars of the claim are to vague. 4) the statment of claim shows no reasonable grounds for bringing this claim and should be truck out pursuant to rule 3.4 2 (a0c) of civil precdure rules. The bit in bold i have never reseived any refund at all is this a usuall standard defence thanks
  8. I have read it carefully but there doesnt seem to be anywhere where there would a cross to cross out the allocation questionnaire
  9. I have just reseived a letter from the courts with Lloyds defence.The letter i reseived says read carefully and fill the allocation questionnaire but there is nothing for me to fill in. All i have is Lloyds defence and a booklet about mediation. Should i ring the courts and ask where the questionnaire is????????? Any help would be greatful Thanks
  10. I had a letter from Mcol last friday saying that Lloyds will be served on the 26th which was monday just gone. I have een onto my MCOL and nothing has changed is this normal or do i count 14 days ater the 26th which was when they are meant to have been served???
  11. Hi I have ccj on my credit report which was stupid of me ut i want to pay it off ut have no idea how to do it. Can anyone advise who i get in touch with or how i go aout doing this thanks
  12. I started my MCOL and it says (Issued Your claim request has been accepted. The Defendant has 14 days from the date they are served with the claim, to reply. Does his mean they have been served and they have 14 days???
  13. I have just sent my money claim online this morning and i know i need to send my charges to the courts. Which i will do today. Am abit nervous now though does anyone know how long the process should take from this point forward. Thanks
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