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  1. Please, could someone come to my aid, my computer seems to have a mind of its own today. I am trying to get the template letter for prelim request to download on to file. My daughter has shown me what to do but I have the memory of an ant at the moment and can't remember what to do. So please can you offer a hand.
  2. I am just about to send the letter off, but I was sitting here typing my details into the computer, when I had a thought. I am going into the bank today an was wondering at the thought of taking a letter into the bank and asking for it to be passed on, as long as you got a reciept for it when you handed it over, any thoughts?
  3. Hi everybody, I have been reading this thread with much interest, I work for Tesco, but believe me I am the last one to stick up for them, they can be very good, but when they are bad they are awful. I work on the checkouts, and some of the customers can be really obnoxious. Anyway to settle the argument over the food in the cafe, the catering has been taken over by an outside contractor now, even in the staff restuarant and we have allsorts of problems, food beng overcooked and cold, or not even being cooked properly.
  4. Hi jadzia I found this out when I had to go in to enquire about my benefits havin been swallowed up in some other made up charge and the lady that I was talking to just happened to say, oh by the way, did you know. As I have said I think this is horrendous.
  5. could someone please help, I have just found out that as from 7 May this year I am going to be prevented from using the counter services in my bank, which happens to be the Halifax, and I am just about to send the prelim letter off, but I don't think that has anything to with it, it's because i have a Visa Electron Card. This is going to effect hundreds of people, and my question is, is it worth persuing the online banking idea, or telephone banking, and to top that if I ever have to go into the bank for advice it's going to cost, THIS IS NOT RIGHT.
  6. I've done it , at last, sussed the spreadsheets, all I have to do now is to work out how to download the letter, and then at last I can send it. Can anyone help, I am a real dipstick when it comes to computers.
  7. The bloody bank have really blown it this morning, got up early to go and put petrol in the car for my OH as he has funeral to go to when he gets to work, but that beside the point. Knew that benefit of £110 was paid in this morning got to the cash point, no money, they have had the full £110 out plus some more. This is cruel as we depend on that. Going into the bank later, trouble is I am always lost for words, I am just so angry that they have done this, how do they expect you to get back on top of things if they keep doing this sort of thing.
  8. Thanks I'll give it a go but my eyes are getting a bit strined it will have to be in the morning.
  9. Thanks for replying so quickly but I have a real problem with computers. Our computer is not on office if it was I would probably have some idea of what I was doing, I have stated puttig in the dates, and the computer has now decided that it doen't like the way their laid out and just for good measure it is transposing the month with the date. thats about as far as I have got. Sorry for whining but I was born at the wrong time I think.
  10. Hi everyone, I am just getting my head round the spreadsheet, as I have been sitting on these statements for a few weeks. The only problems I am having is that my "lovely" computer seems to have better ideas than me, if worst comes to worst, can I write it out, cos I am getting a tad frustrated. HELP
  11. Hello again as I said I am just about to start, I have read the instructions again and again, but just wanting to check which letter to send first, what is a schedule of charges, does this mean I have to photocopy my statments, ther is a lot of them and what is the best way of working out the interest
  12. Hi everyone, I have just recieved my statements from the Halifax, and have just calculated the bank charges, they take it fast enough but how are they at giving it back. Just about to start with a letter, does anyone what timescale I might be looking at. Nice to know that you will be there for any problems that arise, bit nevous but here goes.
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