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  1. hey guys got a quick question about expense's at every other company i work for i've been paid the cost of travel to site if i work out of the office which is normally a train ticket from my house to site. At my new company they tell me that they dont pay any travel expense's at all. My contract states that my place of work is the office so surely if i'm going to site then should be able to claim that travel cost back?
  2. hey guys Finally decided to abandon ship from my current employer and am off to pasture's new. At the moment i'm trying to get a leaving date from my empolyer from handing my notice it should be on the 8th of august. But as i'm owed 5 days worth of overtime and 3 days holiday my boss is telling me that they wont pay me that time but will release me from my contract 8 working days early. i think this is because i'm projected to finish a project around that time I'd actually prefer to be paid the cash. Can they insist on me going 8 days earlier and use overtime and holiday to do that?
  3. I use to be a student worker for sainsburys and although its company policy not to fondle the goods as someone put it everyone seemed to do it as long as you didnt take the mick. ie leaving empty packets of mars bars in the warehouse or doing it infront of senior management ie store manager,deputy manager or if the manager didnt like you!
  4. of course it will cause a problem if you have a quattro lnb then plug a single feed from the horizontal high into the box then you'll only get channels on the horizontal high you could get bbc one but you wouldnt get mtv because it sits on the V i dont really see your point apart from you posted something which was technically misleading
  5. not so true, your getting confused between a Quattro LNB and Quad LNB. A quattro has four outputs broken down into Horizontal High band, Horizontal Low band and Vertical High Band, Vertical Low band. this LNB will only work with a multiswitch and is only really for installations where you need more than 5 boxes a quad LNB has four outputs to feed four boxes where each signal type is multiplexed down a single cable down to the box. This is the LNB sky will most commonly install as long as you buy a quad lnb you'll be fine but the major problem is do you know how to crimp a f connector?
  6. have some heart MTM its a 15 year old kid who has forgotten her photocard. Where's the common sense? its not like she walked on the train with the intent of ripping the rail company off. She probably didnt even realise she didnt have her photocard in the first place. Your post is even more arrogrant and rude than mine are. Dont you realise your re-inforcing peoples views on revenue staff when you post stuff like that.
  7. I always thought i was more arrogrant than condersending!
  8. please see below link MTM Covert surveillance | Home Office - The police, intelligence services and other public authorities can lawfully use covert surveillance if they have an authorisation or warrant signed by an authorised official. is a train company a public authoritie? errrrrrmm no!
  9. LOL! Damm MTM i laughed so hard i cried when i read that. . I think someone has been reading too much devil may care perphaps? train operatoring companies carry out covert surveilence? please this is 21st century uk not post war east germany under the stasi. I'm sure this is probably highly illegal as only the uk goverment can really do legit surveilence on people and even then this is highly controlled and documented.
  10. I'm been with them about 18months now. I was originally employed through a specialist recruitment agency specific to my field and had to also provide 3 reference's. the agency did ask me if i had the right to work in the uk which i have no problem in answering. My main problem is i dont see why the company should have a copy of my passport on record which i think is over the top considering i have a NI number. I gave them a p45 from a previous job when i joined and i have to work in certain places which you can only get into if your a UK citizen.
  11. i'm not being paranoid. I'm just carefull who i give my details too And no bookworm i dont trust the HR people but then why should i? I really dont see why your posting on here seeming as you dont really have anything construtive to put apart from this thread giving you a platform to share your views about ID theft
  12. you know what they say about opinions and ***** dont you bookworm?
  13. HR sent a email out to everyone at work today saying everyone has to give them a photocopy of there passports to prove everyone in the company has a right to work in the uk To be honest i'm not happy with doing this as one i really dont want them having a photocopy of my passport something which if a fraudster got hold of would be easy to clone my id can they actually demand to keep a copy of my passport on file
  14. I guess your employer would have to put in your employment contract that they would share the data with the register also i may be wrong but i'm sure you could send the register company a S10/s12 notification and tell them to desist from processing your data
  15. i've got one in my contract too but i've heard it isnt enforceable in court if they dont want you to work for six months then they have to pay!
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