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  1. i handed back my car from welcome 3 yrs ago dumped it outside theirs office and posted log book and stuff by recorded delivery they hassled me for a while over payments then went qiet but started up again this week so changed my mobile number for abit of peace,just waiting fo them to pop up now and cause more agro
  2. hi all ive just checked my bank account online and hey presto ive got lots of money lol all the money has been repayed thanks for all your help.
  3. the phone number i was given to contact bt customer options doesnt work the number was 0800088030,i have since sent another email and await their response
  4. bt have sent me another email because i told them that i would be taking the issue further,they have given me a number to ring for the their customer options team never heard of it but i will give them a ring and let you no what they say.
  5. ok bt are now saying the account is closed which i knew already,but they still havent refunded a penny of my money.I went to the bank and complained they refunded jans payment which was £85.00 straight away but im still waiting to hea about the othe 15 payments,while at the bank they even told me that bt had tried to take a payment in feb but it hadnt gone through,they said it can be claimed on indemnity but they never said how long it would take,she forwarded the details while i was there to head office. Does anyone have a clue how long this could take?
  6. payments were direct debit,they claim they cant trace my old account,
  7. im having the same problem with bt only just realised now they say they have no records of my account and are asking for account numbers that i dont even have any more,wasnt until i really checked my bank statements for the last 16mths that i saw it and im now trying to get the money back.
  8. if you had the car for half of the hp term they do need a court order to take the car back,this is what ive always been told
  9. i had that problewm a few yrs ago with my hp company they ang and told me the direct debit handnt been paid so i paid them over the phone with my debit card when i got home i checked my bank and they direct debit had been paid,i rang them the next day and told them it had been paid and i wanted the money returning as they had had two payments,she told me they couldnt return the payment and my term with them would be one month less,i insited she reutrn the money and gave her half an hour to sort it out and phone me back or i would be at the office the following morning and wouldnt leave until until i recieved a cheque,she rang me back and said they had put a cheque in the post,i told her i hope they had as i would be calling on her at the office within 24 hrs had the cheque not arrived and true to her word the cheque arived bot bad seeing as it was welcome finacne!
  10. when my other passed away 7yrs ago the phone was in her name,my sister rang them and explained about the death and everything and requested a name change on the account to hers and they changed it over no problem.
  11. bt have a dept fo broadband customers i have had to ring it several times and the lady i spoke to was very nice and helpfull
  12. i did think that was the only option,they claim cant find any of my details at all,arent they suppose to keep all records fo a certain amount of time? best bit is i just checked out my bank account and yesterday they put a cedit in my account for £339.00 yet they say i didnt have an account with them?
  13. i have had 3 emails from bt telling me that they cant find my details for my previous account, eventhough i supplied both address ,any suggestin as to what i do next?
  14. well buzby im abit slack at checking my statements so its my own fault i didnt spot it sooner,as i do online banking i tend to look later and never get round to it,but i must say i will be checking them properly in the future.
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