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  1. Thanks guys, anyone got an email or fone number for cobbetts pls?
  2. Good, will be keeping an eye whenever i can XX
  3. Thanks GuidoT. Will happily make a donation, pls could someone change my title to won and also need to know how to donate other than online pls. Thx
  4. Thanks Hedgey, feels great actually that little ol me did it all by myself and if i can do it ANYONE can! But boy do they cut it fine dont they? Have had message from a "certain person" to say where u all are these days so as soon as i can get internet connection, first thing is a laptop methinks . Hows it going with your claim and your mum and dads? Not got much time to read through the threads these days. Thank god i dont have to go down to the court tomorrow, cd do without that, got other stuff to sort out, like why my rent hasnt been paid! Oh well, these things are sent to try us eh? Fantastic news about Fendy too, wot a gal? Sparky XX
  5. Hi guys, long time no speak! How is everyone? I'm missing you all. I gather now from sources that banter is no longer allowed on here . So on w business . Got a full offer letter on Friday after work from cobbetts, picked up chq yesterday, so pleased to get my grubby little paws on that i can tell ya!! Couple of questions if anyone can help? Was due to go to court tomorrow at 2pm, they have requested that i accept offer and write to court to cancel proceedings, do i have to go to the court to cancel or can i just ring up? The chq has pay to me but says "into my account number", anyone know if there is anyway round this as i am not prepared to put it into the joint account? Also, in the letter from cobbetts it says that i'm not allowed to tell anyone and that in accepting settlement i have to accept their charges from now on, i dont want to do this, otherwise they might not continute to provide me with my existing banking facilities. Can i do a letter saying not (is there a template) or can i just photocopy their letter and score out that bit and sign it? Any advice gratefully received asap, as usual i have very limited time on this computer and also trying to do this without prying eyes . Thanks so much Sparky XX
  6. My God Parkie, i am so sorry i missed ur win, had loads going on but if its any consilation i did think of you as i had your deadline date pop up on my mobile as a reminder that it was happening but unfortunately have had very limited access to computer over last couple of weeks ie none. A HUGE HEARTFELT HUG AND SINCEREST CONGRTULATIONS ON YOUR FANTASTIC WIN. Great News! Enjoy! Lots of love Sparky X
  7. Hi guys its me, god have i been missing all of you! Brief synopsis of my last two weeks: Moved house, he didnt seem that bothered!, no computer yet so have been taking kids to library to use it there but they need to use my card so i'm stuffed! Found out that there is a third party in my relationship (and its not natwest!) and who has been not only in my house but in my BED, a whole week after i left!!! Nice eh. My gut instict tells me it has been more than a one night thing and i actually have evidence of this. Anyway, then my godmother died and i am now at my mums in the midlands using her friends computer!!! How sad is that. I have drunk too much after the funeral this morning and i feel like my hangover is kickin in now, plus i forgot my glasses and my eyes hurt from crying. Oh woe is me eh. Anyway got a prelim hearing on 25th June, what do i need to prepare for this? Sorry for hijacking your thread Fendy but am on borrowed computer time at mo. Need to say: A MASSIVE WELL DONE TO PARKY!! what a result!!! Missing: All the advice, gossip, fendy, hedgey, parky and everyone else that has helped me out (there seems to be loads of new folks on here too) Off to try to catch up on all your threads, read a bit of fendys but then that wen my eyes started to hurt (i wonder why). Seems like you can smell the spondoolies now hun Hows the parents claim going hedgey An... ANOther HUGE WELL DONE TO PARKY - love sparky X Love sparky
  8. Thanks peeps, thank god for that. Sparkie X
  9. Hi guys and gals. Phew wot a day! Just got home from work to find letter from cobblers with copy of their AQ. All well nd good but in the more info bit it says: "Case management directions cannot be proposed until the Claimant serves a reply to the Request for Further Information which was due on 11th May 2007. In light of this, the Defendent may amend its Defence or apply to strike out" I am shaking like a leaf now. I received the request on 27th April (well letter dated that) and i replied saying the standard reply ie not prepared to submit unless the court orders me to do so etc etc. This i sent recorded (signature printed) on 30th April !! What has gone wrong and wot do i do now? OMG!!!! Panic is not the word! Thanks Sparkie X
  10. Why Fendy, how dare you make me cry (again)! XX Lovin all your support X
  11. Enjoy, kids nagging me to get off now, trouble is i will prob have had too much wine to come back on later! Already had too much. met a friend in pub at 1.30 for couple of swiftys before pick up. Got to school and suddenly remembered (at 3.10) i was supposed to pick up eldest from totally diff school at 3pm after netball tournament. With e'thing going on at mo, ended up in tears at school office, feeling like a crap mum. MY god!!. Everything turned out in the end as it always does. Anyway, last nite in this house, off to my little maisonnette tomorrow, just me and my loverly girls. Cant wait!! Bit sad but literally counting down the hours now. Lots of love sparkie X Have good eve u guys, loving you loads XXX
  12. Prob a bit late for it now but how about my chicken parmesan Chicken breast dipped in egg then smothered in parmesan, then fried till parmy sticks and is slightly brown. I use ready grated for this bit as when you grate it yourself it tends to stick to the pan and not the chicken which is a bummer. Put in dish with base of home made tomato sauce. Slice of aubergine, (blanched) on top, followed by slices of mozzarella then topped with some more home made tomato sauce. Finish off with lashings of more parmesan. (Fresh of course this time) Cook in oven for about half hour Serve with salad and "portion" of pasta ie penne. I love it, my favourite and has been for years. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm X Sparkie
  13. Thank you, thank you! I guess i am still at the being intimidated stage . Off to deliver to court now. Have a great day, mind u with the amount youve done already it should be bedtime for you . Sparkie X
  14. OK thanks, will print off the spready too now. Wouldnt have done that. Thanks X Sparkie
  15. Thanks Fendy, have been very brief. Just said i attach draft order for consideration etc and i expect it to last no longer than one hour. Hope this is all that is needed at this stage Cheers XSparkie
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